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How to Convert PDF to Booklet: The Ultimate Guide

If you run a business, I bet you already have an extensive collection of educational and advertising materials, or other documents in PDF format. I also presume that you probably want to make them available to a wider audience, including potential customers and fans of your brand. However, presenting PDF content in an attractive and engaging way can be challenging.

Fortunately, Publuu comes to the rescue! Our booklet creator allows you to instantly convert PDF into booklet flipbooks that can be conveniently viewed on any device – from a smartphone to a TV screen. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of converting a PDF into an online booklet, learn how to create your online booklet from a PDF file, and how to share and promote it online so you can reach a wide audience.

Designing booklet using Publuu booklet creator

Comparing top booklet creation tools: Publuu, Adobe Acrobat, Online2PDF, and BookletCreator

If you want to convert a PDF document into a booklet, chances are that you’re looking for a couple of different solutions. Here are some software ideas that can help you when creating a PDF in booklet format.

Publuu (recommended)

Publuu is the perfect solution for easily transforming PDF files into engaging online e-books. Our PDF creator can turn boring static documents into digital booklets. What’s more, Publuu allows users to enhance their content with features such as interactive hotspots and animated videos, improving the reading experience for your audience.

publuu booklet maker

Why Publuu?

The sheer number of different interactive features allows users to easily incorporate engaging elements into their digital publications. High-performance animation provides a smooth and engaging visual experience.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a powerful PDF creator and manager, offering a wide range of features for editing text, and images and adding annotations and forms.

Adobe Acrobat Pro compression tool

Why Adobe Acrobat Pro?

It’s a very complex online tool, even in its basic functionality. However, the high cost of the license and reliance on additional Adobe tools for some features may put some users off.


Online2PDF is a comprehensive platform that offers a wealth of functionalities beyond converting files to PDF. In addition to creating and repairing PDF files, it offers advanced editing capabilities and features such as removing PDF passwords with the PDF Unlocker tool.

online2PDF platform

Why Online2PDF?

Online2PDF offers a wide range of editing features. The ability to convert and repair PDF files adds to its usability, although the limitations on online publishing may be a drawback for some users.

Booklet Creator

Booklet Creator simplifies the process of creating print-ready PDFs. Users can plan their ebook, for example by laying out multiple pages on one sheet.


Why Booklet Creator?

It’s a perfect small, free tool for laying out printable booklets.

Step-by-Step tutorial: From PDF to booklet using Publuu

It’s easy to create a PDF digital booklet in Publuu. You don’t need to print a PDF using the option, we’ll take care of that using our online software.

1. Convert your PDF

Prepare your PDF file. Make sure it is well-formatted and contains all the necessary content. You’ll find plenty of tips on creating a PDF in our Knowledge Base. Next, log in to your Publuu account or register if you don’t have an account yet. To convert your PDF, click UPLOAD YOUR PDF, select the file, and wait for the conversion.

Upload PDF presentation

3. Customize

Customize your PDF booklet. In the editor, you can change the name, add a description, change the background, add a logo, add password protection, and more.

4. Make it engaging

Publuu interactive features let you add and manipulate multimedia content: Add animated gifs, music, and hotspot links to outside sites. You can even connect the flipbook with your online store to fully utilize our interactive capabilities.

5. Share your booklet

Publish and share your digital booklet on social media, and embed it in an email or web page. It’s easy to publish your booklets online without the need to print PDF booklets. Instead, anyone with a smartphone can access your content!

Share and publish your booklet

Enhancing your booklet: Design tips and Publuu’s interactive features

1. Planning and outlining

Start by identifying the purpose of your booklet and understanding its audience. Accordingly, plan the content structure and PDF page layout. Remember to ensure a logical information flow and intuitive navigation in your digital publication.

I suggest creating page sketches in a notepad to visualize your idea. Before crafting booklets in your PDF software, have a rough layout sketch ready. You can either decide to use a template or design pages from scratch, depending on your skills and preferences.

2. Inspiration and selection of elements

Browse websites and graphic design services for inspiration. Check out the sample booklets on the Publuu website, for new ideas. When designing a booklet, opt for simple and legible fonts, preferably from a single typeface family for headings, main text, and highlighted quotes.

Our experts on booklet design recommend using high-quality illustrations, either created by you or purchased from reputable stock services. It’s wise to avoid generic stock photos as they can detract from the professionalism of your booklet.

3. Content enrichment

Enrich your booklet with multimedia elements in addition to text and illustrations. Publuu lets you add GIF animations, YouTube or Vimeo videos, or animated slideshows. Such interactive elements can make your booklet more attractive and engaging to your audience.

Publuu’s online booklet example

View more online booklet examples


Remember to keep the animations and multimedia aligned with the content without distracting from the main message, though! The goal is to present your PDF in the best way.

Printing vs. Digital distribution: Maximizing your booklet’s reach

We all want to reach the largest possible audience with our booklet. Below are some tips from our experts on how to use Publuu multimedia features to boost the range of your leaflets and brochures. You can read more about booklet printing and design in our Knowledge Base.

Focus on the cover

A well-designed cover captures attention and encourages reading. Use balanced, bold headlines and subheads combined with simple graphic elements. Find inspiration in the free magazine templates available in our gallery.

Reach a wide audience

Creating content in English, Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic can help you connect with new global audiences. The content that reaches a lot of readers has a greater chance of becoming popular.

Harness the power of social media

Share your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to increase its reach and engagement. Publuu booklets are designed to integrate seamlessly with social media, allowing your booklet’s cover to be showcased effectively.

Sharing booklet

Enjoy the ease of a digital format

You can edit and update your booklet anytime. Publuu allows you to create realistic flipbooks with animated pages that look like traditional magazines, but offer enhanced interactivity.

Save time and money

Going digital eliminates printing, storage, and transportation costs. It also allows remote work for editors and designers, which brings the carbon footprint even lower.

Can a PDF be printed as a booklet?

Most software offers options for printing PDFs in booklet form. Usually, it’s enough to choose the appropriate option in the print dialog box or use your printer’s software to select “print booklets” or “duplex printing”. You can also hire a professional or use Publuu’s booklet generator. Instead of printing PDF files, you can just publish them online!

How do you split a PDF into a booklet?

You can manually split the pages of a PDF file into booklet blocks, then print and fold them. You can use a PDF editing program, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, or the print-to-file feature to divide the pages into virtual sections. For example, divide the file into pages 1 to 64, 65-128, and 128+ to create three booklet files.


We hope you learned how to convert PDFs to booklets. In general, you can either create digital booklets or print PDFs as booklets.

If you want to print PDFs, use appropriate software, often enclosed with your printer. However, this is simple enough for most users.

For digital booklets, our main choice is Publuu, a software that allows converting PDFs to online flipbooks. Publuu also offers features to customize the booklet with design elements and interactive features.

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