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How To Create an Airbnb Welcome Book?

Running a vacation rental business like Airbnb means providing a seamless guest experience. By creating the perfect Airbnb welcome book, you can make guests feel right at home on your property.

A welcome book is a special item designed to address all your guests’ needs, from local recommendations to check-out details. If you’re renting a home as Airbnb, you can highlight local attractions and amenities, describe how to use the laundry facilities, or remind them of amazing things to do… and it looks nice when it’s laid out on the coffee table!

It is also important, because it contains personalized information for guests, as all vacation rentals have their unique traits. The Airbnb welcome book also can affect guests by showing your commitment to providing the best possible experience. It presents your local knowledge and hospitality to your customers.

Every great Airbnb adventure starts with a welcome book. Together with a welcome letter, is one of Airbnb’s most important features. You can easily improve your guest experience and make them feel at ease by setting expectations and providing relevant information in your welcome books.

So, create booklet featuring all the ins and outs of your Airbnb stay, loaded with residency details and tips to make your guests’ experience truly unforgettable.

What is a Welcome Book?

The Airbnb Welcome Book contains all the necessary information for guests staying at your Airbnb property. It includes recommendations and check-out information, how-to instructions for the appliances in the room and on the property, a description of nearby stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions, and all other information your customers need. You can usually find a welcome book in your room, on a coffee table, or in any other visible spot.

You can include or exclude information depending on your Airbnb. If your Airbnb is located in a large city, make local attractions available in your Airbnb welcome book. If you run a small guesthouse in a village, describe nearby natural attractions, what to do outdoors, and how to shop.

woman holding a welcome sign in airbnb property

Consider your typical guests as well. Nightlife may not interest older people or guests with families – but families with children may be interested in local natural attractions, museums, or places for the kids to play. A vacation rental near a natural park might need a map, and one in a busy city might remind guests how to use public transportation.

Many people love having the welcome book on hand during all the time they spend on their vacation – that’s why they often rely on digital Airbnb welcome book variants.

Airbnb guests want a unique, personalized experience, not just a hotel stay. Your Airbnb welcome book should emphasize hospitality and connection. It welcomes guests and gives them the information they need for a successful stay. That’s why your Airbnb welcome book is a key part of a memorable stay.

What Should I Include in My Airbnb Welcome Book?

When creating an Airbnb welcome book, you need to consider the needs of your guests. Make sure the content is useful from the get-go and will help them fully enjoy their vacation. While you may be excited about the design and illustrations used in your welcome book template, it is the useful information that is the key to a useful guide.

If you’re in the rental business, you know what questions guests ask, so anticipate their needs. Based on this, include relevant information in your welcome book. Here’s a list of the most important aspects you can include in your Airbnb welcome book.

Welcome Page

The first thing to think about when making your Airbnb welcome book is the Welcome Page. Here is where you can introduce yourself and your Airbnb property to your guests and make them feel welcome as they start their vacation. You can use the welcome book to deliver them a personal message, thank them for choosing to stay at your place, and set the tone for their stay.

The welcome page should also include more practical information – think about what your guests need to stay welcome: if you think you need to include contact information or ask the guests to use disinfectants, do so!

welcome page in airbnb welcome book

Table of Contents

Next, add a Table of Contents to make it easy for people to navigate through your guest welcome book. This will make it easy for them to find the information they need without the significant effort of having to look through the whole book.

table of contents in airbnb welcome book

Basic Information

The first few pages 0f your welcome book must contain basic information, such as contact details, front gate entry method, instructions for checking in and out, or parking information access code if your guests arrive by car. In the first section, you can also provide other important information, such as how to connect to Wi-Fi, how to use your devices like heating or air conditioning, and anything else you want to start with.

basic information in airbnb welcome book

House Rules

House rules are important to make expectations clear and make sure everyone gets along. Outline any specific house rules regarding noise levels, smoking, pets, or anything else that may differ between different venues. Try to explain why these house rules are in place so that guests can abide by them from the start.

house rules in airbnb welcome book

Appliances and Electronics

Including how-to instructions for appliances and electronics in your welcome book is a nice touch. It makes it easier for your guests to troubleshoot and use the equipment at your property, so they won’t get confused or frustrated. Remember that guests often come from different countries – and, for example, UK water taps are different from continental ones. Try to explain things only locals know!

appliences & electronics in airbnb welcome book

Local Transport Information

Having information about local transportation is helpful for visitors who may not be familiar with the area. Provide information about various public transportation options, nearby bus or train stations, and any tips or suggestions for getting around the city quickly and easily. If your guests use cars, make sure to include packing tips as well. Again, many guests might not know the information you consider basic – like where and how to buy bus tickets or how to properly board a tram. If you aim at foreigners, be sure to include a step-by-step guide to do seemingly basic things, especially regarding local transportation information!

transport recommendations in airbnb welcome book

Shopping and Grocery Stores Nearby

Listing shops and grocery stores near the hotel will be helpful information for guests. Provide information on grocery stores, general stores, and local markets in the area where the guests can buy food and supplies for their stay. This is very important in small towns, where often the local store is a place that closes in the afternoon or on weekends. If there are no shops nearby, you can always add a list of places that offer home delivery.

home delivery in airbnb welcome book


Places to drink

Create a list of local must-visit bars to help your guests get the most out of their trip. Whether your visitors prefer stylish cocktail lounges, trendy bars, or cozy pubs – make sure they will find something to their taste.

drinking recommendations in airbnb welcome book

Places to eat

Provide a list of nearby places to eat that includes a range of options for different tastes and budgets. Include a variety of restaurants, cafes, and local eateries, and think about highlighting any special recommendations or local specialties. If you want, you can make a deal with some restaurants so that they offer discounts to your guests if they show you a coupon in the welcome book.

eating recommendations in airbnb welcome book

Things to do

Finally, don’t forget to tell guests what they can do in the area. You can point out commercial options like clubs or shopping centers, but also hiking, biking, or water sports for fun, as well as cultural events, festivals, and even guided tours. Help your guests learn about all the exciting things your locality has to offer.

Things to do in airbnb welcome book

How to Create Digital Welcome Book for Airbnb?

1. Create Your Welcome Book in PDF

You can create your welcome book from scratch, but you can also use a welcome book template and add your information, just as we did in the example above.
If you don’t have experience with graphic design, you can use simple software like MS Word. If you have little experience, use software like Canva which we are integrated with.

If you want to learn more about professional booklet design, check out our how-to guide.

2. Upload It Online

Once you have prepared your Airbnb welcome book in PDF format, it’s time to upload it online. If you want to do it in our service, you can start with the free trial plan at

After uploading a file, you will be able to see a welcome book that your guests will be greeted with:

Publuu’s online welcome book example

View more online welcome book examples


3. Make It Interactive

Now when your welcome book is online, you can begin customization. You might want to use our interactive GIF or video option to replace static images of local attractions with animated images. If you include a list of favorite restaurants or historical places, you can include links to them using our hotspot feature. It won’t just impress guests, but also make their experience more integrated.

4. Share It With Your Guests

After perfecting your digital Airbnb welcome book, you can easily share it with your guests. You can embed it in the e-mail content sent to your guests, or print the QR code on a leaflet or even an entrance card. Thanks to their smartphones and Publuu’s online flipbooks, your guests can have constant access to their welcome book, and can easily check it out when exploring!


In conclusion, creating an Airbnb welcome book is a vital step in ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay for your guests. By including personalized information, local recommendations, and essential details, you can enhance their experience and showcase your commitment to hospitality. Whether in a traditional print format or a digital interactive version, a well-crafted welcome book sets the tone for a warm welcome and provides valuable resources that make your guests feel right at home. So, invest the time and effort in creating an exceptional Airbnb welcome book to leave a lasting impression on your guests and make their stay truly unforgettable.

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