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Top Book Cover Design Trends for 2024

Don’t judge the book by its cover. How many times have you heard it? This genuine, yet antique saying, does not do justice to the brilliance of modern book cover designs. Yes, there might be a fascinating novel wrapped inside the rather monotonous binding. But why would any writer go for such a solution for their precious book or ebook? Especially when there’s an ebook creator available to craft stunning visuals eye-catching, professional book covers available these days.

Book cover design

Internet offers a variety of free services, that are in handy if we want to create an ebook at a low budget. We can use it to become a professional book designer and create beautiful cover design for any book. Researchers determined a connection between potential readers’ interest and a great book cover. This rule applies both to ebooks and regular books. It is a crucial part of good marketing, and it can influence sales of our book once published. Doesn’t matter if you are self-publishing, or you are one of the professionals waiting for your book to be published. If you are about to make an ebook, it should look great from page one (with the back cover still being important). With the big competition, it may seem challenging to make your book or ebook eye-catching and create a book cover design that stands out.

Yet, there is a way your writing can shine, right from the beginning. With Publuu you can turn your book into an interactive ebook – flipbook, once it is ready. What does it mean? For example, not only your work will look professional, but it will be appealing to the book and ebook readers. It is a way to turn your file into a highly intuitive and creative form of ebook. It is a great way for publishing your book, regardless of the genre. Si-fi, fiction or a photo album?

Ebook presentation example

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You can customize it: choose from a variety of styles and features. What are some effects you can add to your ebook with Publuu? You can make it interactive: insert links, photos, video and audio. You can make your ebook really creative, and at the same time professional!

Ebook customization


What is more, publishing with Publuu, means no more reading by scrolling the page. There is an option to turn it with a simple click. Moreover, each time you do so, it will make a rustling sound of turning a piece of paper. Publuu also has features that help your marketing. For example, there is a real time tracking tool that generates statistics that can help to see how often your flipbook is opened. It includes details such as time spent on a particular page of your ebook. You can also add google indexing features, and more.

Statistics and trcking

Whenever your file is ready, you can upload it to Publuu, and add some magic! Before starting to customize it, it is good to make sure the file with your project is ready to be published and at its best. Furthermore, it is worth knowing what’s captivating your potential readers.

Before publishing your ebook, all the tips come in handy! Especially in terms of book cover design! How can you make your ebook cover shine?

Regardless of the genre – sci fi story or a piece of great fiction? Regardless of your budget – you can make sure that it comes with a professional book cover. Without further due, we provide you with a short guide that will keep you in the loop. Have a look at the Top Book Cover Design Trends for 2024.

Book cover design trend: All about nature!

During the pandemic, with quarantine and other restrictions, the world appreciated the outdoors. In lifestyle, fashion, and design trends- we have noticed more inspiration from this theme than ever. Whenever there is trouble, people have this natural longing for nature. We can easily notice it on social media and in marketing trends. To sum up: people love nature! Here is why incorporating this motif is worth it, also, in your ebook cover design. How to create a great cover using nature-inspired motifs? It is not surprising that in the two years of our new, pandemic reality, this motif is prominent. In 2024, nature themes will remain one of the top trends in book cover designs.

Book cover design trend: All about nature!

Leaves, trees, birds, and mountains. Nature-inspired print, images and graphic. Look for inspiration online in the books already published, regardless of the genre. Combine these nature motifs in your book cover design project. Remember to always choose the ones of high quality! How do I find the right components?

Look for parts of your book that connect to this theme. Find its hidden nature and present it in the form of a beautiful book cover. Not a professional book cover designer? Hiring a professional book designer is not withing your budget? What if this topic does not match your content or genre? The most important tip is to make sure that your book cover matches the uniqueness of your writing! It applies not only to the cover, but also to book design in general: font, title and the whole project.

Look for inspiration in the work of famous designers, images on social media or book already published. Look for captivating cover designs that include nature – inspired motif. You can make your cover beautiful always, even if you are self publishing. Integrity stands for quality!

Book cover design trend: Title interrupted!

There is nothing more annoying for a passionate reader than interruptions. Yet, cover design has different rules concerning this topic. In the year 2024, bindings with various interruptions will be one of the top trends. In this trend, a beautiful book cover is all about the creative presentation of the title. How to incorporate it into your design to create a cover that stands out? The most important tip is that there are absolutely no strict rules. For example, you can mix various shapes, illustrations, together with an image and unusual font. Make it irregular!

Book cover design trend: Title interrupted!

Book cover designers playfully shatter books’ title and other crucial data to attract readers’ attention. You can self – decide on what should be there or reach out for advise to professional book cover designers. It can reflect the dynamics of the story of the book. More importantly, it can match the author’s general idea. Regardless of if you go for using illustration, photo, and graphic, it all must be of the high-grade quality. The disrupted title trend is an interesting idea for a great book cover design in 2024. It can be adapted in all types of books published, use this trend if you aim for professional cover or any other type.

Book cover design trend: manual writing longing.

Do you remember ten years ago, when hand writing in book cover designs was a top trend? No? Not a big problem since this fashion is coming back in the upcoming 2025. But, let’s make it clear – proper and elegant calligraphy never actually went out of style. Do you think including this theme in your book cover design will be out of your budget? Not really ! It does not have to cost a lot of money. There are lots of cover designs made with self created prints of the writing of the author.

Book cover design trend: manual writing longing.

A few years ago, we were observing lots of such motifs in the book cover design. In recent history, there has not been a passion for gorgeous manual writing near to what we expect to happen in 2024. Book cover designers are preparing for this trend’s arrival, regardless of the book genre. Whether it is the beauty or some past longing, this theme is fascinating. Among book cover design trends, calligraphy will be one of the main trends approaching 2025.

Book cover design trend: let’s make a collage!

Furthermore, it is a noticeable trend in lots of areas of life. It will also be one of the top book cover trends for 2024. Yes, it is already common in the year coming to an end, its popularity will grow further. Some creators hire collage designers to send their ideas into their book cover design. You can also try to create it yourself. Your are free to place there what you want. Be as creative as your are!

Book cover design trend: let's make a collage!

There are countless possibilities with incorporating design into your book cover. Its components reflect on the plot. They also resemble values most important for the author. Collages give the book designer a space to include the most significant features of the books and more.

Including collage in the book cover gives it a unique and artistic vibe that is especially attractive to users. Incorporating it means limitless opportunities to express your ideas. It can relate to the concept, story, and values most significant from the author’s perspective. If you don’t feel capable to create it yourself, you can always reach out to book designer professionals.

Book cover design trend: silhouette

This trend in book cover design is an absolute gem. The upcoming year in design will be all about silhouettes. For creators, it is not as simple as it seems. How to make a shape that will make a beautiful cover? The hottest trend for book cover design is facial silhouettes. Yet, this year they should be different. Details evolving around the figure should reveal the plot of the book. Or some secrets of the author? Besides, it should express a mystery that is captivating for the potential reader. Who is behind this dark silhouette on the book cover?

Book cover design trend: silhouette

Yet, it might be challenging for the book cover designers to make the silhouette original, but it is worth it. It means following the trends in design book covers in 2024 – this is what is catching the eye of the future reader! Regardless if this what you publish is formal and you aim for professional book cover or you are self-publishing. You do not need to be on the professionals. It is worth taking your time to design a book cover that matches the trends of the cover design.

Book cover design: the importance of contrast

Some universal ideas have attracted the attention of the readers for ages. One of them is cover design based on contrast compositions. Like yin and yang in Chinese philosophy, creating a binding based on this method leads to absolute perfection. It can apply to anything that is visible on the book cover: font, image or graphic. We can always look for inspiration in the books already published. This trend is visible in works of designers of book cover of any genre.

Book cover design: the importance of contrast

From chaos, harmony arises. Choose the book cover design that will captivate your readers, from the moment they lay eyes on your book cover. Such cover design will be one of the top trends in approaching 2024. This idea already sold lots of copies in the past. Book cover design trends indicate that it will be the way of creating a success for any publisher also in the future!

Make your ebook special with Publuu

Apart from the six main trends, and tips that come with each example, some other ebook features never fall out of fashion. Yes, we are talking about quality! And it does not apply only to professionals. And applies to any book genre, you do not need to be a professional cover designer, but you should always aim to use only images, illustration, and graphic, that are at their best. That will always add value to each of the cover designs.

There are lots of free services with stock images where you can find the photo, illustration or graphic, that you might use in order to create a book cover. But never go for less quality! Also – don’t forget about back cover! It should match a book cover design.

Last but not least, with the Publuu service, publishing your ebook will turn into something special. In this tool, you can convert your file into a flipbook. It is an innovative type of ebook. Reading it is very similar to an actual book experience, with the sound of a flipped page. Moreover, to create your own flipbook, you don’t need any technical skills or complicated software.

Make your ebook special with Publuu

It also does not come with a high cost! You can customize it in a variety of ways, for example using one of the available styles – change the color of the background or upload a suitable image. You can also add graphic, video, and links inside your content. Check out Publuu’s knowledge base for more effects you can apply to your beautiful ebook. Combining your great content, with Publuu’s features, and knowledge, will make sure, you will feel like a professional publisher.


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