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How To Write a Remarkable Interview Article for a Magazine

It is hard to imagine a good magazine without interviews – it allows you to learn more about a person, their thoughts, and experiences. Almost every magazine is in a business where there are interesting people you can learn from.

The key to writing a good interview article is careful planning and execution. Many master interviewers know how to cover themselves and get the most out of an interviewee. No matter who the subject is – an expert, a well-known celebrity, or an English teacher who’s a mentor for the young – the goal is always the same: to interest readers and show them the unique personality and point of view of the person being interviewed.

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In this article, we will look in detail at how to write an interview article that will engage readers and grab their attention. We will talk about what an interview is and how to write one. We’ll also give you tips and tricks to make your work better and edit the entire interview.


What is an interview article?

A magazine interview article is a type of media piece that presents different perspectives and viewpoints through a conversation with an expert or celebrity. An interview can be a transcript of the dialogue, whether as a whole or just excerpts and direct quotes from the subject. The text of the interview is based on information based on your research, gathered from one or more conversations with relevant people or experts in a particular field.

For professionals, interview articles serve to give readers a deeper understanding of critical topics through direct contact with the expert’s words. For example, the exact details of some new software can be explained by its developer. Casual readers can learn more about the private lives and ideas of their celebrity idols or just interesting people.

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A well-crafted interview article engages the reader, drawing them in as if they were being interviewed. To achieve this, the article must capture the reader’s attention from the very beginning. It is important to choose an interviewee who has a wide range of knowledge and can provide specific information on the topic under discussion.

How do you structure an interview article?

Once you have completed the actual interview process and have it recorded on the recording device, you can organize the information you have gathered.

Start with an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention and explains the topic and the purpose of the interview article. Explain who is your interviewee and what’s their background research and expertise. You need to be aware that your readers might be not as informed as the person you’re interviewing, so simplify things a little bit. Be sure to add relevant statistics, facts, and event descriptions that make the facts in the interview article clearer and engage readers interested in the conversation!

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When planning an interview article, be sure to present interview questions in a logical sequence, including all the specific questions and ones that delve deeper into the topic. Make sure that you do your research and don’t be afraid to ask the interviewee for clarification.

When writing down your subject’s answers, you can paraphrase and summarize responses, as long as you preserve the gist and all the relevant details. Remember to present the interview for authorization. Highlight crucial points and don’t be afraid to use quotes and images to highlight your article.

Designing the appearance of your interview article is also an important part of the interviewing process. You need to choose a good layout that will showcase direct quotes, the point of the entire conversation, and show the insight of the interviewee. If you’re new to the desktop publishing process, you can visit our list of 10 best free magazine fonts and learn how to use typeface to your reader’s attention.

How to write an interview article in 8 simple steps

Choose your subject

interview on the street

Choosing the right topic for the interview essay sets the tone for the whole thing. You should interview someone who knows a lot about the topic you want to learn more about, has a lot of experience in it, or has a unique point of view on the subject. For example, if you’re writing an interview about the future of sustainable energy, you might choose a well-known environmental scientist who has done groundbreaking research in the field. Or you might choose a successful business owner who has established a thriving green energy company with fresh ideas and inventions!

Do background research

Before you conduct an interview, you need to study a lot about the topic you want to cover. It is also good to know the person’s past, his achievements, and what he is good at. Based on this, you can formulate good questions during the interview.

Review documents, articles, and previous interviews with the interviewee to learn more about her work and previous job achievement. Make sure you are up to date on events, trends, and issues related to the subject of the article.

Come up with creative questions

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To get good, interesting answers from your interviewee, you need to come up with original and thought-provoking questions. When asking specific questions, think about what makes your topic unique and what your readers are interested in. Try to ask open-ended questions that will prompt the person you are talking to to give thoughtful, detailed answers. For example, to a renewable energy expert, you might ask, “What new technologies do you think will have the biggest impact on the renewable energy industry in the next ten years?” – this is a good start to the topic so you can move on and discuss individual new inventions.

Plan your interview

Before you conduct an interview, it is important to plan how it will go and what will be said. Choose whether the interview will be in person, by phone, or by video call. Set a date and time that suits both you and the person you want to talk to and make note of any time constraints. Prepare any tools, such as voice recorders or note-taking tools, that you will need to make a complete and accurate record of the conversation. You can also prepare a list of questions that the interviewee will answer by email if the article needs to be edited.

Interview your subject

couch interview for an article

Talking about the subject is the most important part of your article. During the interview, it’s important to get to know the person and make them feel at ease so they can give open and honest answers. Listen carefully to what the interviewee is saying, and don’t be afraid to ask additional questions if you want to learn more or gain more clarity. Remember that you are interviewing on behalf of your readers. Take notes and ask more questions about things that seem interesting or need more detail.

Transcript your interview

After the interview, it is important to write down the speech so that you have an accurate record of what the person said. You can type up the chat manually or use tools that will do it for you automatically – but in this case, be sure to review the whole thing ii correct any mistakes. The process involves reviewing the transcript, writing down what was said, and making any corrections you need for clarity and accuracy. Don’t be afraid to edit and simplify certain statements so that the reader can read what is meant.

Determine the format of your article

planning content for an article

Consider how best to show the interview article. It may be a simple question-and-answer style, in which the questions and answers are written word for word in third-person style, but this is not the only option. You can combine the interview with a narrative or article that presents a certain issue – for example, you can discuss each source of sustainable energy, and then add a comment from your interviewee. Or apply the narrative style, in which the subject’s answers are woven into the story. Choose a format that fits the tone and goals of your article and the tastes and expectations of the people you want to read.

Create an article draft

Now that you have everything you need, you can start plotting your interview. Start by arranging the information in a logical order, prepare an introduction ii present your interviewee’s character. After the interview, you can add your analysis and interpretation of the interview and additional information that will be relevant to the reader.

Revise, review, and polish

man planning an interview article

Once you have completed the first draft of the text, you need to keep working on it. Cut out any content that is repetitive or not needed, and make sure that each line contributes something to the text as a whole. You need to be your editor. Review the text to make it clearer and more logical, to make sure the information makes sense and that the respondent’s answers are shown correctly. Also, look for language and spelling errors and make any necessary changes to make the text easy to read. Only then can you show the text to the editor.


An interview is an effective way for readers to learn about different ideas and views by talking to experts or well-known people. A well-written interview requires careful planning and preparation, from getting the reader’s attention to organizing the information and asking questions that will make the reader think. With the help of Publuu’s online digital magazine creation tool, multimedia elements can be added to interviews to make them even more interesting and enjoyable to watch.

With a rough draft, rewriting, and polishing of the text and feedback from the editor, the final piece will be clear, logical, and interesting to readers. By combining the art of storytelling with the insights gained from interviews, you can inspire readers to learn more about a topic and look at it from different points of view.

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