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Understanding Your Audience with Publuu’s Analytics

Even the best magazines can always be improved to better meet their audience’s needs. A major tool you need to boost the quality of your publications is online analytics. Thanks to the digital landscape of the 2010s and 2020s, these analytics systems have become a powerful tool for online magazine creators.

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With the help of Publuu analytics, you can easily create an online magazine that perfectly matches your readers’ needs. In this text, we’ll explain how to use analytics to learn more about your audience, create personas, and improve your digital magazines based on feedback – and utilize the multimedia functions of Publuu magazine creator.

Understanding your audience

Publuu analytics offers more than just statistics. Our robust analytical system helps you reach your audience and create content that meets their needs. By leveraging data generated by our analytical tools, you will gain more information about your readers’ habits and preferences. For example, you can discover the times they read your magazine, and even if they’ve opened it thanks to our tracking links! This allows you to optimize your content formats accordingly.

Publuu tracking links

Integration with Google Analytics further enhances your ability to review and refine your magazine’s content. Publuu also enables you to track reader engagement, identify the most popular articles, and monitor overall views. This data helps you focus on what works, make necessary improvements, and better respond to reader interactions with links and interactive elements. By understanding these metrics, you can tailor your content to better meet your audience needs.

Creating buyer personas with Publuu statistics

Publuu Analytics helps you understand your readers and create content that meets their expectations. You can use this data to create personas – fictional profiles of your ideal audience.

Buyer personas represent your target audience by defining their demographic characteristics, values, needs, and challenges. Creating such a profile gives you a clear picture of your ideal reader.

For instance, for your car magazine, you might create a profile of Johann, a design professional in his thirties interested in fast cars and new technologies. On the other hand, Anna, a student curious about statistics, will approach our magazine differently. By creating content that resonates with Johan and Anna, you can ensure that our magazine is engaging and informative for a diverse range of readers.

Creating buyer personas

If you want to create content that appeals to Johan, consider viewing your magazine from his perspective. Think about how he perceives it: Should you focus on beginner-level articles or in-depth tests? What language and style will be most accessible to him? Which topics will capture his interest? Consider who your audience is and what they prefer to read in your magazine.

Publuu Analytics can help you with that. If certain articles are not being read, consider why. Perhaps the leads are not engaging enough, or the topics do not meet their needs. Start with creating more compelling leads in your next issue.

Even if you have prepared your personas, remember that your audience is not static, and their needs may change over time. Regularly analyze your data and update your personas to keep a current understanding of your audience and how to adjust your magazine accordingly.

Analyzing reader’s behavior with interactive elements

Publuu’s online magazines offer interactive elements that engage readers and make reading the magazine a unique experience. What’s more, with our advanced analytics tools, you can track and analyze the use of these elements, gaining valuable information about user behavior. Learn more on our website.


Links to websites, articles, videos, and other resources allow you to provide your readers with additional information. Publuu tracks the frequency of clicks on these links, indicating reader interest.


You can integrate Publuu with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to make your content more attractive and engaging. Videos always draw attention, and you can determine whether someone watched them to the end or abandoned them halfway through.

magazine hotspots statistics


Including audio files, such as podcasts, interviews, or music, in your magazine can create a more comprehensive multimedia experience. Analyzing this data will also help you determine their popularity and whether the soundtrack or audio description has a positive impact on your media.


Publuu allows you to add animated gifs or slideshows to showcase products, demonstrate processes, or add visual variety to your content. For example, in a magazine, you might show how a car starts and drives away, which can attract more readers to your links.

Creating engaging content in your magazine

Publuu’s analytical tools can help you improve your content. Thanks to our statistics, you can:

1. Identify popular authors: Find out which authors generate the most reader interest and engagement.

2. Discover topic trends: See which topics are generating the most interest and which articles are most in demand.

3. Compare different formats: See which content formats (e.g., articles, videos, podcasts) are most popular.

4. Analyze reader behavior: See how long readers spend on each site and how they interact with it.

Magazine statistics

5. Plan future releases: Select topics and formats that meet your readers’ needs and expectations.

6. Optimize existing content: Refine your articles to increase their appeal and engagement.

Enhancing the approach with real-time feedback

If you want to better understand the customer experience, surveys can be a powerful tool. They can provide valuable insights from a large number of customers, helping you identify areas for improvement, track customer satisfaction over time, and measure changes. Thanks to them, you can learn more about your customers’ habits, but remember, this method can always be supplemented.

How do you learn more about your readers? Ask them yourself. Publuu allows you to add a survey to your text and ask questions. By including a Google-Form-based survey, your readers can easily share their valuable feedback with you.

How to create a form using Publuu?

  1. Create a form using Google Forms, click the “SEND” button, and copy the link.

  2. Go to the HOTSPOTS, choose the LINK, and paste the copied link.

  3. Choose whether you want it to open as a pop-up or in the new tab, and save your changes.

Before you post a form, clearly define its purpose. What do you want to learn about the customer experience? What specific issues do you want to address? This will help you tailor your survey questions to collect the most relevant and useful information.

collecting customer feedback

It’s also a good idea to use a variety of question types, such as multiple-choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions, to gather diverse responses. The more varied the comments and answers you receive, the better.

Increase brand loyalty through digital experience

As a publisher, you need to ensure that your online magazine provides valuable content and presents a consistent brand image. A strong brand can build trust and a sense of connection with your readers, which in turn translates into loyalty and engagement.

How can Publuu help you build brand consistency and customer loyalty?

Our magazine builder offers several tools to help you create a visually attractive online magazine that will build a strong bond with your readers:

Consistent design

Customize fonts and colors! Your online magazine should have a consistent font and color design to match your corporate identity. Publuu allows you to add logos and backgrounds to your magazine, and even music or sound effects to create a unique atmosphere and enhance the reader’s experience.

Brand consistancy thanks to Publuu branding options

Build community

You need to have a discussion forum in your magazine to allow readers to exchange opinions and build relationships. A social aspect of your publications is crucial for its success in the 2020s. Publuu allows you to integrate your magazine with social media, discussions, or author profiles. Thanks to this integration, your readers view your magazine as something they can create together with you.

Use multimedia

A richly illustrated magazine is more attractive and easier to read – and adding videos or slideshows can also keep people coming back to your content. With Publuu, you can create an online magazine that not only presents compelling content but also builds a strong relationship with your readers thanks to appealing videos or music.


Publuu’s statistics are not just a collection of numbers but allow you to gain insight into your audience and tailor your magazine to their interests. You can better understand what resonates with your audience and build personas to continuously improve.

Remember that Publuu also offers real-time feedback tools, such as surveys, that allow you to directly collect reader’s opinions and apply them to your magazine. With Publuu, you can turn your magazine into a publication that is constantly evolving and improving.

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