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Writing a Real Estate Offer Letter: Top Tips

A persuasive house offer letter can be your secret weapon, whether you are a buyer or a real estate agent. By creating a concise and attractive real estate offer letter that grabs a seller’s attention, you can increase your chances of securing your dream home. Companies can use real estate flyers from Publuu to showcase their style, but while it’s a great tool, you need to know how to prepare your details.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps of writing a winning real estate offer letter, whether you are an experienced real estate agent or a new buyer seeking a dream home. We’ll also provide a valuable resource: free real estate offer letter templates that you can add to your home-buying toolkit.

A well-crafted house offer letter can make you stand out from the crowd. While the process of writing it is not overly complicated, there are important elements that every buyer should consider. We’ll guide you through the process of structuring your letter and explain why even the most experienced real estate investors choose to send offer letters. We’ll also discuss what to avoid in your letter.

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What is a real estate offer letter?

A real estate offer letter is an important part of any real estate transaction. It expresses the buyer’s genuine interest in a property and outlines the critical points of the deal, such as the proposed price, financing terms, and closing schedule. However, creating an offer letter is a little bit more complex.

Offer letters are typically written in an informal style, even handwritten, to create a more personal connection with the seller. In addition to the financial details, a well-crafted offer letter often includes personal information about the buyer, such as their reasons for wanting the property and how it fits their vision for the future. It is an opportunity for the buyer to establish an emotional connection with the seller and share why they are the perfect fit for the property. If you’re an individual buyer, you can craft a house offer letter, but real estate agents also write similar ones!

Real estate offer letter online template

Publuu flipbooks can professionally display an offer letter, showing your intent and allowing you to easily add links to contact you. In today’s real estate market, you can help your potential buyer by presenting their own offer letter in a clear, concise manner when you purchase property in their name. Publuu lets you easily display documents and send them via social media to any house owner.

Why write a real estate offer letter?

Writing a real estate offer letter is a strategic move that can increase your chances of success in the competitive housing market. After all, in the competitive real estate market, deals are more than just financial transactions; it’s about people and their homes. By taking the time to write a sincere offer letter, you can help a seller connect with you on a personal level.

Though it’s not a legally binding document, it describes how you’d like to run this transaction. You can describe the proposed offer price for the property, whether the purchase will be financed or made with cash, and the desired schedule for closing.

Real estate offer letter online graphic

Sellers might often receive multiple offers on their properties, even if they’re not officially listed. A well-drafted offer letter can set you apart from the competition by humanizing your offer and making it more than just numbers on a piece of paper. This personal touch can influence a seller’s decision in your favor, even if your offer isn’t the highest, especially if they can identify with your story.

Offer letters can also be useful when a property is not officially listed for sale. By expressing your interest and intentions in writing, you open the door to negotiations that could potentially lead to a mutually beneficial deal. A well-written offer letter demonstrates your organizational skills and readiness, instilling confidence in the seller that the transaction will go smoothly. This makes it more likely that your offer will be accepted.

How to write a real estate offer letter?

When writing a real estate offer letter, your goal is to build a relationship with the seller and present yourself in a professional and positive light. Strike a balance between personal connection and professionalism, and avoid revealing too much personal information.

  1. Start with a greeting.

    Begin with a personalized greeting, like “Dear seller”, addressing the home seller by their title and first name. This small gesture shows respect and helps establish a human connection.

  2. State the facts.

    Provide some personal information about yourself or your situation, such as your occupation, the places you have lived, and why you are interested in buying the seller’s home. If you are a realtor, introduce yourself and describe your work in the area and the buyer’s situation.

  3. Remember to be honest.

    There are many relevant fair housing laws related to real estate like the Fair Housing Act in the US that forbids a professional real estate agent from using personal details and informal language when making an offer. However, you can still use Publuu to politely inquire about the property. Real estate offer letters don’t have to be too personal.

  4. Tell them what you like.

    Express your appreciation for specific features of the house that you really like, like windows, the southern side, or the ornate roof. This shows that you have taken the time to appreciate the property and its unique features.

  5. Introduce the seller to your financial readiness.

    If you are financing the purchase, mention the lender’s pre-approval and the size of the down payment. If you are paying cash, emphasize that you have the funds readily available. Provide a quite likely closing date for the final down payment: providing a financial guarantee gives the seller confidence in your ability to complete the transaction. Don’t give too much financial information to a random person, though!

  6. Invite them to talk.

    End your letter by expressing your interest in discussing the offer further. Ask for an in-person meeting, phone call, or video call to discuss the details. This demonstrates your willingness and desire to engage with the seller transparently and openly.

  7. Add an ending.

    Always end your letter by expressing gratitude for the seller’s time and attention. Confirm that the seller’s property is valuable to you and thank them for taking the time to read your letter.

Preparing real estate offer letter

What should be included in an offer letter?

When writing a real estate offer letter, it’s important to strike a balance between providing the essential information and adding personal touches to connect with the seller.

  • Give details: Start by introducing yourself and any other buyers involved in the purchase. You can include personal details such as your name, occupation, and family situation (if applicable). This helps the seller see you as real and creates a personal connection. Just avoid sharing too much information, including financial information!

  • Your reasons for purchasing the property: The more specific you are about why you love the property, the more likely the seller is to connect with you on a personal level. The seller will be able to tell if you’re being sincere, so avoid using clichés or over-the-top language

  • Your terms and ideas: Next, outline the key terms of your offer, including the proposed purchase price, any desired contingencies, and your ideal closing date. Be clear and concise in your presentation. If you have any special requests, such as a home inspection or financing terms, explain them clearly.

  • Set the final term: Finally, set an expiration date for your offer letter. This gives the seller a clear timeline to respond to your proposal.

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What to avoid in an offer letter?

When writing a real estate offer letter, it’s important to strike a balance between providing relevant information and avoiding certain pitfalls. Keep your letter professional, respectful, and aligned with the seller’s expectations to increase your chances of a positive response.

Here’s a summary of what to avoid in an offer letter:

  • Negative comments: Avoid mentioning any negative aspects of the property, such as its condition, outdated features, or needed repairs. This is not the place to criticize the property, as this may offend the seller. Additionally, avoid mentioning significant changes or plans you have for the property that differ from the seller’s intended use. Talking about major renovations or changes in the property’s purpose may not be well received and may be considered disrespectful.

  • Excessive personal information: Don’t give excessive personal information, such as race, gender, religion, or other details related to protected classes. Especially if you are an agent, sharing such information could potentially violate business regulations, as the property owner should not consider these factors when selecting a buyer.

  • Excessive sharing of finances: While you should mention the selling price and deposit amount, refrain from over-sharing your financial situation. Excessive financial details can complicate negotiations during the closing process. Stick to the necessary financial details without making the seller worry about your finances.

  • Desperation: Avoid showing desperation or willingness to pay any price to secure the property. Sellers may interpret this as an opportunity to negotiate a higher price. Maintain a balanced tone that shows your interest but does not appear desperate.

  • Contradictions: Make sure the content of your offer letter is consistent with the purchase agreement. To avoid misunderstandings, avoid making statements that contradict the provisions of the final purchase agreement.

Real estate offer letter templates

When picking an offer letter template, remember that it should look familiar, but not artificial. Simply pick the version of the preapproval letter you like the most and that resonates with your values. We have prepared a gallery of templates that are sure to interest sellers!

You can customize this template and replace the yellow splashes with a color more aligned to your real estate offers.

Offer letter template

This elegant offer letter template was designed for interior design, but it’ll also work well for real estate offers.

Offer letter real estate templte

For many people, it’s very intuitive to write an offer letter using MS Word. This template is professional and very elegant.

Real estate offer letter template


A well-prepared real estate offer letter is a powerful tool that will help you stand out in this competitive market and increase your chances of success.

By following the tips above, you can write a letter that is both professional and personal, expressing your genuine interest in the property and your willingness to work with the seller to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Remember that the most important thing is to make your letter sincere and authentic – but if you’re an agent you can’t cross the line set by the relevant legislation. By taking the time to write a well-crafted offer letter, you will be one step closer to making your dream home a reality – or helping in the home-buying process for your client!

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