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How to Gain More Clients in 2022 For My Online Business?

One of the most important factors influencing the company’s success is the number of customers. If your company has more new clients, the chance of a higher ROI grows. No matter what kind of business you run, what services you provide, or what products you offer, you’ll always have to make some effort to gain more clients.

Running a business nowadays is quite tough because the competition in almost any industry is really big. That means you have to think a little out of the box and go a little out of the way if you want your business to succeed. Now, people can choose different marketing strategies. The key is to choose the right strategies. Only if you are doing something better than your competitors or when you doing something unique / not common you can achieve success in the market. Your being here right now tells us that you are looking for some interesting ideas on how to get more clients for your business. If that’s what you are looking for then you’ve landed on the right place today.

In this article, we are going to jot down some of the most creative and effective techniques that can easily help you gain more clients in 2022 including using live chat, social media, and flip books.

Top Most Effective Ways To Increase Your Customers

Marketing is all you need to make a difference for your brand. But marketing itself is quite a vast term and it covers quite a lot of aspects. We present many interesting ideas below.

Outstanding Brochures And Pamphlets

In our opinion, the basis for gaining new clients is skilfull presentation of the offer to the client. Therefore, in our opinion, when looking for ideas for gain new clients, you should start by trying out creating newsletters, brochures, flipbooks or pamphlets.

Here, we’d suggest you use which is currently the top best platform where you can convert boring .pdf files to outstanding, interactive flipbooks. Whether you have to create an outstanding pitch for your new clients or you just want to design some new brochures or leaflets, is all that you need.


Publuu’s flipbook example

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The platform is currently being used by many businesses because it offers some exclusive features like securing your presentations and sharing it with as many prospects as you want with tracking option. As a result, you can send an attractive flipbook and after that you can see who opened it and how much time they spent reading it. So if you want to promote your brand with unique and attractive brochures then is a must have for you.


Live Chat

When you are trying to get more clients, you have to take your communication game to the next level first. Communication is the key especially when you want to increase your sales conversions. Here using the live chat option can work wonders for you. A lot of potential clients prefer the live chat option (instead of email) as they don’t have enough time to wait for the customer support team to respond back.


With the live chat you’ll be able to reduce your sales cycle, your site’s bounce rate will decrease and on top of it you’ll easily be able to convert your leads into new clients.

User Experience On Website

Your website is one of the most important things when you are running a business. Especially during such times when almost everyone has access to the internet, you need to take your website’s user experience to a whole other level because that’s what your potential clients want from you. Now when we say “user experience” we aren’t just talking about a site that looks visually appealing but we are also talking about a website that functions well.

Look around and check out different websites from your competitors. Look how the competition presents their offers on the websites and think about what you can do better.

Chat Bots


Again, communication is the number one and the most important part of your business. You can’t expect to get potential clients if you aren’t making any efforts in improving the communication. You have to work hard to know your customers and you have to show that you care about each and every one of them. This is where chatbots can come in handy to you. You can’t be available 24/7 for all your potential clients which is where chatbots play their role. With chat bots deployed on your social accounts and websites, you can respond back to your customers without making them wait.

That’s true, many people don’t quite talking to chatbots. However, anyway this solution is used by the largest corporations and that chatbots are the future, so it is worth checking it by yourself if a chatbot is something that can help improve customer service in your company.

Paid Campaigns on social media

Advertising on social media can work really good. Advertising through paid Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads campaigns is an effective way to promote many businesses. It is worth keeping this in mind and trying this method to gain new clients. If you think this investment won’t work for you, try it first because it really does bring good result for many businesses. Facebook Ads in particular is something very popular that is used by various industries.

Look around and you’ll see that pop up advertisements are now a part of almost every platform whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube. Especially when you are trying to reach out to the masses, you need to opt for these ad strategies because it is social media that is a place from which it is extremely easy to reach a large group of recipients.

A Solid Social Media Presence

A Solid Social Media Presence

It’s true that you need a well designed and functioning website to earn more clients. But at the same time you need to focus on your social media too. Nowdays people spend more time on these platforms instead of browsing the web.

From constantly updating your social media business accounts to deploying chat bots, communicating with your potential clients and getting creative with your content, you have to do all of that to make sure that you are getting the kind of results you want.

It is especially important to be in constant contact with the recipients. Publishing creative, compelling content is crucial. Profiles, which are carefully and most importantly, creatively managed can reach huge community.

Managing a profile is important not only to reach potential clients. It also has a purely image-related meaning. Simply, customers will be more willing to cooperate with a company that presents itself well than one that is not visible on the Internet or presents itself in such a way that it does not inspire trust. Social media is a great tool for building your image and trust.

Top Quality Products Images And Videos (Tip Not Only For Ecommerce Store’s)

top quality images

Seemingly, this tip is especially for all the eCommerce store owners. But not only, because if you sell services images and videos also can be very usefull. People like photos and videos because they notice images faster than text. That’s why you can sell more with photos and videos than just using text.

To increase your sales, you have to work on the quality of the images and videos that you are posting. It’s all about attracting your clients and the more effort you put into it, the better the results will be. It’s of utmost importance that you use high quality and compelling product pictures and then present them in a way that brings you more clients.

Offer More Discounts And Deals

It is very easy to offer discounts and promotions on the Internet. Many online stores are happy to use this. Therefore you should think about discount and promotion if you want gain more new clients with this simple method.

Offer More Discounts And Deals

Without a doubt, people love deals and discount offers and if you want more clients and customers then the best thing to do is to give them that. Price is one of the most important factors when people are planning to purchase something from you. Now before you implement any pricing strategy, you first need to know what your customers feel about your product. If you don’t have a strong brand and weak market position, you have to compete more on price. If your product is recognizable and appreciated then you don’t have to cut the prices so much, anyway, small promotional campaigns from time to time are welcome to attract new clients.

Feedback- Increase Your New Clients With Social Proof

In our opinion you should think about asking your customers to give a review on Google My Business. This is where nowadays potential clients most often look for opinions about companies. So if you think about building a positive image, it is worth paying attention to opinions about your company (and product/services) on the Internet. This is definitely a good way to build a positive image in the eyes of new customers.

Social proof works like magic when you are trying to get more clients. Especially when someone’s mulling over a purchase or are confused if they should buy from you or not, they’ll often turn to other people or platforms to read reviews about you and your products. You just have to work really hard on making sure that people are saying positive things about you.

Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, you need it to grow your business. With feedback, you’ll know about all the places that you need to improve your business and about the ones that are bringing in more traffic.


Networking – Try To Find Business Partners

Networking - Try To Find Business Partners

Those businesses who believe in networking succeed faster than the ones who don’t. The truth is that other than marketing you need to focus on networking too especially if you want more people to know about your brand and what you do. The best way to do this is to participate in different networking events. Try and communicate with other businesses and brands who are struggling to get new clients just as you are. This will help you learn more creative and new tactics and eventually when you’ll implement those tactics, you’ll get the results.

Nowadays, there is no problem with doing online networking. Try to use groups on Facebook or groups on LinkedIn. You can also use business forums. Often in such places you can meet many serious and long-term business partners.

Events – Webinars Or Virtual Conferences

Want to market your brand on a whole other level? Try hosting online events. Organizing a traditional conference is associated with the costly rental, preparation of catering and a number of other similar organizational tasks. Nowadays, nothing could be more wrong! Many companies organize “Virtual Conferences” and webinars that you can join online. It is more convenient and in many cases gives much better results. Because it is much easier to encourage potential clients to participate in an online meeting than to participate in a face to face meeting. In addition, at online events you can distribute brochures and pamphlets about your brand using This solution makes it possible to track who opens your materials (brochures, offers etc.) and in result it’s much easier to be in contact with new potential clients.

Serach Engine Optimization

It is not enough to have a website. The key is to establish a strategy for gaining traffic. The key way to attract potential clients to your website is search engine optimization. It is worth remembering about it and starting SEO tasks on the website as soon as possible. SEO is a time-consuming process, so it’s better to get started sooner rather than later. SEO can be very effective in the long term. It is very important to focus on the right keywords that are actually used by your customers.

How to adapt a website to the requirements of an search engine? SEO consists of on-site and off-site activities. On-site activites are related to all activities on the website, e.g. speeding up the website, using appropriate technologies, appropriate header structure and publishing optimized content. Off-site is all about getting high-quality backlinks. Creating good SEO strategies and employing them is crucial for on-page and off-page optimization, so often many businesses choose outsourced IT services for this type of work.

Blog posts

Blog post

Content is king? Yes it’s true! Blog posts is one of the basic methods of building an expert image. Besides, high-quality content helps with SEO. Instead of that, you can use blog posts to simply tell your customers whatever you want about your products and services. This is very important because potential clients usually want to read a bit about before they decide on your products and services.

Cold emails

It’s possible to grow your business with cold emails? In our opinion this is an interesting method for those who want to find clients in B2B business. Very important is to write the content of the email in a thoughtful way. Skillfully sent messages to the right people can produce very good results. You have to do it in a very thoughtful way beacuse uou should note that sending effective cold email is not the same like sending spam messeges.


We present some effective ways to help you find clients in 2022 for your online business. Your online business depends on how good your marketing efforts are.

In our opinion, from this long list, it is particularly important to focus on presenting your offer in a unique way. This is something that is really important for small businesses which are looking for new strategy for gaining more clients. That is why it is important to take care of the website, brochure with the offer and broadly understood visual identification. If you want your materials to be better than the materials of your competition, let’s try use Publuu – online catalog maker some great presentations or business proposals to pitch new clients. All the amazing and visually appealing designs and themes available on Publuu will just work wonders for you. What’s even more amazing is that it’s a very easy to use platform where you won’t require an instruction guide. The moment you click on the website, you’ll know what to do right away.

If you want to grow your small business and you want to be sure you have done a lot to develop your business then try all of these tips mentioned above. We assure you that with these tips and consistent effort, you’ll be able to gain more clients and you’ll also be able to meet your business goals.


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