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Digital Publishing Trends to Look Out For In 2022

What’s the best and worst thing about the Internet?

It’s constantly changing.
Over the years we’ve seen a number of trends that have defined the way we consume content and share it on social media. With the latest revolution that is taking place in digital publishing, we look at some trends that will be dominating the industry as we move into 2022.
Video will drive 65% of digital publishing in 2022, according to digital marketing specialists. Many businesses are already employing video in their marketing strategies, and this trend is only expected to become more popular in the future.

Whether you’re publishing catalogue online , magazine, brochure or any other content read further to see what other trends you should look out for in 2022.

Animation vs images, who will win? Digital publishers have no doubts.

The debate on whether to use animations or images in an article has been going on for a while now. But soon this will be history, as the modern approach demands digital publishers use both animation and images in their content.

Never has a time been better for digital publishers to create content with moving images. This is because data from Google shows that not only do users find these types of videos more engaging, they also prefer to watch them as opposed to the standard two-dimensional image. Take for example how as of 2017, 68% of all web traffic has come from smartphones and tablets. This means the majority of consumers are consuming content on their mobile devices. Businesses must consider this and cater to their needs. To do so, it helps to first understand why and how consumers prefer digital video content and other forms of digital media and advertising over other mediums such as television or print.

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Thoughts on the Tik Tok, does it have a place in the publishing industry?

Tik Tok - digital publishing

Tik Tok, the video platform from, has been in the news a lot lately. It’s been dubbed as “the next youtube” and that it was going to shake up the publishing industry. We all know that digital publishing companies that break into a new market through a disruptive business model cause a lot of disruption in their wake. And Tik Tok has done exactly that.

Tik Tok and the future of digital publishing – in Social Media

Why Tik Tok is popular among teenagers and young adults? Because it allows users to record 10-second self-made music videos, then share them online via social media.

And this is where the success came from. Tik Tok with its short, engaging videos. Some of the digital publishing trends that we see now came as a direct response to the popularity of Tik Tok.

Example? The Instagram.

In June 2020 Instagram’s CEO announced, that their app will no longer be focusing on sharing photos. Instead, they will focus on video content. This way, they will try to compete with trends set by their competitor. If you are running Instagram for your business, this is something worth keeping in mind.

The future of blogging and microblogging

blogging- digital publishing

Over the last 10 years, blogging has gone from a niche hobby of self-indulgence to a powerful publishing platform. However, as this trend has developed, many people predicted that microblogging would eventually replace blogging as we know it.
Blogging still hasn’t seemed to have been accepted by the masses. It seems that people have forgotten what a good business model a blogger can have, and how much content a company can create for a blog to keep their brand consistent throughout all of their digital publishing.

But, if you are running a blog yourself, here are digital publishing trends that you should look out for the most.

Optimize your website for speed and performance

When it comes to running your company’s most important asset — your website — all that matters is results.
This is why performance optimization is such an important part of the website creation process. The better your website performs, the more visitors you’ll receive.


Website speed can influence your conversion rates, SEO rankings, and even how Google views your site. If Google thinks you’re slow, it might even flag your site for removal from the index. So if you want your website to be fast, you need to optimize your content for quick loading times.

User engagement needs to be high for publishers to survive

It’s no secret that user engagement is pretty low among major digital publishing platforms today. Who wants to click or comment, when we can keep watching.

The reason?

We’re on the Internet, and we, as a society, are addicted to instant gratification. We know that you don’t want to hear that. You’re probably saying: “But that’s not true, I love to be social!” This is tricky because publishers need you to read — especially on mobile — if they hope to stay in business. There are certainly millions of people who still enjoy long-form articles on mobile, but not millions of dollars coming from advertisers.

That is why future digital publishing trends will focus on “fixing” our engagement.

The future of user engagement

The time for digital media companies to survive has arrived. As smartphones have become the primary device for consuming news, it is becoming increasingly important for publishers to increase their engagement with their audiences.

How will they do that?

By designing their content specifically to get a reaction. Unfortunately, click baits are still going to be relevant.
This is particularly true for social media publishers, who are competing with user-generated content that can be posted to many of the same platforms they use. The challenge for them is to achieve increased engagement on social media platforms where Facebook and Twitter reign supreme.

Animation will be more than just an add-on to your content

Video in digital publishing

Have you ever thought that animation will be more than just an add-on to content?

Animated explainer videos are more of a necessity than an option for digital publishing professionals. This genre of videos is simply great for explaining anything and everything to your audience, regardless of it being a product, service, or even a concept. It’s like watching a film, except this time you control the view – quite literally. So let’s stop talking about it and let’s look at how we can make the most out of using explainer videos.

So if you are looking for a direction in your digital content, here’s one – focus on tutorials.


2021 is not over yet, and we can still see how these digital publishing trends will evolve. It is worth noting, that due to changes to Google’s policy on third party cookies.

How will they shape the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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