NAMTECH iPMP 2024 cohort profiles

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Introducing NAMTECH's

inaugural cohort

Illustrative representation for the entrance of upcoming campus

iPMP Class '24


A pioneering, industry-aligned

institute built with a bold mission

to reimagine education.


To inspire humane capital solutions

for a digitally connected, sustainable,

interdependent world.


Create impact through industry-aligned,

continuous- learning enablement of

3 million smart engineering professionals

by 2035.


Visionary Holism: The world

is interconnected, and only through the

improvements of individual parts, can we

make a holistic, better world.

Responsibility of Wellbeing: Innovation

has the responsibility to move the world

forward, and it has to be crafted for the

wellbeing of individuals as well as society

at large.

Unyielding pursuit of Excellence:

Only with the unyielding pursuit of

excellence can we begin to reimagine

a world that can own the future

we create for ourselves.

What is NAMTECH?

New Age Makers’ Institute of

Technology (NAMTECH) is an

education initiative of ArcelorMittal

Nippon Steel India (AM/NS India).

With an increasing need to bridge

the gap between industry

requirements and the conventional

education system within India,

NAMTECH seeks to transform the

Indian engineering and technology

education landscape.

We are collaborating with the

industry in reshaping education and

learning. NAMTECH aspires to

enable a new era where the 'world

of learners' and 'world of work' are

more aligned.

By developing future-shaping

competencies in learners,

NAMTECH fosters innovation

and empowers the next generation

of industry leaders for smart

manufacturing and core sectors like

Energy, Transportation, Materials,

and Infrastructure. Our learners will

be provided with an unparalleled

learning experience. We aim to

equip India’s engineering talent,

who will, in turn, help

to accelerate India’s

economic progress.

NAMTECH’s value proposition

of ‘Inspiring Humane Capital’

is based on these three pillars:


Learning by Doing

Immerse learners in our highly

experiential program designed for more

than just learning new technologies. It

aims at understanding the real-world

impact and finding marketplace




Moving away from traditional

pedagogy to harness the power of

technology and solve the world’s most

pressing problems.


New Life Habits

New Life Habits are a lens through

which we see the immersive

experiences and activities we create for

our learners. We call them Activity and

Creativity; Growth and Nourishment;

Restore and Rejuvenation; Connection

and Meaning.

About ArcelorMittal

Nippon Steel India

ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India

(AM/NS India) is a joint venture

between the world's leading steel

companies, ArcelorMittal and

Nippon Steel. Established in

December 2019, post-acquisition

of Essar Steel, we are an integrated

flat steel manufacturer - from iron

ore to ready-to-market products.

With over 600 steel grades - many

substituting imports- we serve

various contemporary industries

(agriculture, automotive,

infrastructure, defence, energy,

etc.) and contribute to an

Aatmanirbhar Bharat. AM/NS India

ascribes to advancement with

sustainability and envisions

creating 'Smarter Steels, Brighter


Our vision is empowering

communities by providing

employment to more than 1.6 Lakh

individuals and enriching millions

of lives nationwide through our CSR

interventions. We are a committed

partner to the nation, and our avid

growth story will be purposeful,

inclusive, and sustainable.

Profile of


Board Members

Mr. Hiroshi Ebina

Managing Director of Nippon Steel

India with 30+ years of experience

in Steel industry

Bachelors in Economics from

Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan

Dr. Gauri Trivedi

22 years career as an IAS officer.

Guest faculty, member of the

governing body, and advisor to

eminent education institutions

Ph.D. - ISEC Bangalore and IDS,

Mysore, PGPPM - IIMB

Mr. Kedar Tambe

Director, K.B. Mehta Construction

Pvt. Ltd.

He has extensive experience in

management / execution and

offering project management


B.E.- Civil Engineering

(Batch of 1982)

Mr. Brad Davey

Executive Vice President-Head

Corporate Business Optimization,

ArcelorMittal with more than 25

years of experience across

technology and manufacturing


Prior to current role he was CEO

ArcelorMittal North America since


Holds a Bachelor of Engineering

degree from McMaster University.

Mr. Maulik Bhagat

MD Nascent Info and partner/director

in 10+ companies including Thousand

Island Hotels and Resorts Pvt Ltd.

BTech from Dhirubhai Ambani

Institute of Information and

Communication Technology (DA-IICT).

Mr. Sanjay Sharma

Vice President at ArcelorMittal with

multiple leadership roles in various

countries with ArcelorMittal over 20 years

AMP - Harvard Business School,

MBA-INSEAD, BTech - IIT Roorkee

The New Age Education

and Skills Foundation is

the governing body

of NAMTECH. Our board

comprises industry leaders,

technocrats, bureaucrats

and public policy experts.

Our journey as a newly established

engineering academic institute is

marked by significant milestones,

demonstrating our unwavering

commitment to excellence. We have

diligently developed state-of-the-art

laboratories and are fostering

collaborations with esteemed

academic and industry partners.

Our post-graduate programme in

smart manufacturing prepares early

career professionals for success in

this ever-evolving field. Looking

ahead, we aspire to expand our

national and international

partnerships, bridging the gap

between learners and real-world


Our dedication to nurturing the

engineers of tomorrow remains

strong, and we are eager to push

the boundaries of knowledge,

sustainability, and technology.

With confidence, we march toward

our mission of shaping a brighter,

more sustainable future through

engineering excellence and

long-term impact.

From Inception

to Innovation:

Journey so far

and way forward

Dec’ 22

Set up transitory campus

at Research Park, IIT


Sep’ 23

Initiated iPMP-SM program

with a batch of 55 early career


Nov ’23

Recognized for our

Strategic Partnership

Setting the


for excellence

Oct’ 23

Learners received international exposure

through curriculum, industry visits, state

of art labs and faculty at the Technical

University of Munich (TUM) Asia campus

in Singapore.

Honoured with "Distiguished

Partner Award" by ITE Education

Services (ITEES) Singapore.

Launched first School for

Smart Manufacturing


Immersion program

of the batch held in


Dec’ 23

Commissioned seven labs

featuring state-of-the-art

industrial grade equipments.


of Learning




Global tour across 16

smart campuses to adopt

cutting edge technologies

for NAMTECH campus.

Bring learnings

from global institutes


Commencement of all operations

on main campus by 2030.

Complete Phase 2

of construction



Commencement of first

academic year on main campus.

Support and empower

5000+ MSMEs and 1

million learners through

NAMTECH Centre for

Social Impact across

multiple programmes.

Launch other flagship courses in

Smart manufacturing in collaboration

with industry.

Forge industry partnerships &

Scale competency centres

Scale social

impact and


Complete phase 1

construction of

upcoming iconic


Message from

Director General

Arunkumar Pillai


It gives me immense pride and

pleasure to introduce you to our

55 engineer-learners from the inaugural

2023 batch of our International

Professional Masters’ Program (iPMP) in

Smart Manufacturing. The iPMP is the

first one-year Professional Masters’

Program for engineers in the country that


them well versed in the application of

Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

technologies. We have trained our

learners to be problem-solvers and

expect them to lead digital transformation

initiatives in the companies they join.

Our confidence in our learners stems from

the fact that they have been trained in an

experiential pedagogy and assessed

thoroughly for the competencies,

companies need in their workforce.

NAMTECH has invested in the best

training infrastructure in the form of

industry-grade labs and workshops, some

of which are amongst the first in the

country. Our faculty is a healthy mix

of industry and academia. The current

batch of learners have been trained by

NAMTECH resident faculty, industry

faculty from FESTO, Schneider and

international faculty from our US,

Singapore, and European academic

partners. Our program is global in nature

while being relevant for Indian industry.

NAMTECH endeavours to make

manufacturing an exciting career for

the youth of India. Our focus has been

to expose our learners to endless

possibilities of engineering through

experiential learning. Towards that

we have meticulously curated every

element of the institution and its

programs with inputs from corporate

and academic partners. Our programs

begin with the you - the industry (inputs

on competencies for our curriculum) and

end with you (our learners being placed

with you and contributing to your plans

in the shortest possible time).

Please find enclosed brief profiles of our

learners. We would be glad to connect

you to them, so that you can interact

and know them better. We believe we

are doing our best to create this new-age

engineering workforce and request you

to collaborate with us by giving them

opportunities to work with you.

Together we can contribute to fulfil

the national mission to create

world-class techno-managers for

the manufacturing sector.


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