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How to Create a Digital Booklet: Step-by-Step

Digital booklets are a version of traditional and time-tested marketing materials adapted to the 21st century! Presenting goods and services as an interactive booklet still works well – especially when almost everyone carries mobile devices in their pockets.

Presenting a booklet online can help you promote new products or services, launch special offers, or simply educate potential customers about your brand. Digital brochures are also relatively easy and inexpensive to produce, making them a great solution for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re interested in how to make your own booklet, this step-by-step guide will show you how to do it. Here you will learn how to create a PDF file of your brochure, prepare the PDF booklet in Publuu, and configure the online booklet maker accordingly.

After reading this article, you will have all the knowledge and skills you need to create professional and engaging professional booklets!

Publuu’s booklet example

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What is a booklet?

Marketing booklets are small booklets with 8-36 pages that companies use to promote their products or services, typically with a soft front cover. This concise format allows marketers to focus their message and avoid overwhelming readers. A digital booklet is available in a computer-readable format, such as PDF.

Booklets are a fantastically effective way to introduce your brand to new customers, highlight your offerings, and communicate your unique value proposition. You can use booklets to promote new products or services, launch special offers, or simply educate potential customers about your brand.

Unlike flyers or leaflets, booklets offer multiple pages to go into detail about your products or services. You can include sections and subsections that explain features, benefits, and uses, helping customers make informed decisions.


In a booklet, you can also tell your story and explain why you designed your products the way you did. This emotional connection can be a powerful tool for building customer loyalty. Your handpicked design elements help you design a booklet online that reflects your values and corporate identity.

Digital booklets can be shared online, using Publuu online booklet maker – you can hand out leaflets with QR codes which lead to beautifully illustrated booklets, or distribute booklets and catalogs using social media.

What websites can I use?

When choosing a PDF booklet creator app, consider the crucial factors for your needs. Think what features are important to you in an online booklet maker app. For example, do you need to be able to create interactive flipbooks or slideshows? Do you need to be able to add interactive elements to your booklets?

Another important factor is the ease of use. If you are not a design expert, you will want to choose a platform that is easy to navigate and use. Consider whether it’s easy to create a digital booklet using the booklet template gallery, or collaborate with others.

Finally, consider how much the booklet maker costs. Some platforms offer free plans, while others charge a subscription fee. It’s worth picking a plan with a free trial to check out the functions this booklet maker has to offer before you create your own booklet.

We have prepared a list of some great websites to create booklets:

Publuu is a cloud-based digital online booklet maker that allows you to create booklets from PDFs. Once created, you can share them on social media channels, send them via email, or have them ready for printing.

Publuu booklet maker

Canva is a popular online design platform that offers a variety of professionally designed booklet templates, both free and paid. You can customize the templates to suit your needs, adding your text, images, and branding.


VistaCreate is a free online design platform that offers a variety of booklet templates, as well as other design resources, such as images, fonts, and graphics.


Adobe Express is a free online design platform that offers a variety of booklet templates, as well as other design resources, such as images, fonts, and graphics.

Adobe Express

How to make a digital booklet?

Create a PDF

The first step is to create a PDF file containing the brochure. You can use any PDF creation software, such as Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, or Microsoft Word. Our gallery offers many professional templates that you can use when designing your own booklets. Just pick a good template and you can create a printed booklet or export the document as a PDF.

When creating a PDF file, remember to use the correct page size and orientation of the booklet. Decide how many pages you need – and remember that it needs to be divisible by 4 – add blank pages if needed (although it isn’t that important for a digital brochure).

Digital booklet template

Size your booklet appropriately, and set the margins. Remember not to overwhelm the reader – text and images need to breathe, so leave yourself some whitespace!

We have many PDF creation tutorials in our Knowledge Base, and you can easily refer to them! Our app lets you harness your creative power and show your design skills to the rest of the world!

Upload your document

Once you have created a PDF file, you can upload it to a website for creating digital booklets. Publuu offers a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface – you can use drag-and-drop interface, and also start working on adding interactive elements when the book is uploaded. All it takes is to click the “Upload document” button and your own brochure will be ready in just a few clicks.

Customize your booklet

After uploading the document, you can start customizing the brochure. You can add your own image galleries, interactive videos, and animated gifs using Publuu. In the customize menu, you’ll find a list of customizable elements you can add to the PDF – you can make a booklet using YouTube videos or add background graphics to showcase.

Booklet customizing

It’s also easy to add hyperlinks and even create a table of contents. Publuu’s patented hotspot technology lets you place links that help navigate your content with ease.

Publish and share your digital booklets

Once you’re done customizing your brochure, you can publish it – in Publuu you’ll do it with one click. We offer online sharing of the brochure, embedding it on your website or in the body of an email, and downloading it as a PDF!

Digital booklet

Our software generates a unique URL for your booklet that you can share easily with others. You can also embed your booklet on your website or blog.
With Publuu you can also share your booklet on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This is a great way to reach a large audience and promote your booklet.


Digital brochures are a versatile and effective marketing tool that companies of all sizes can use to achieve their marketing goals.

With Publuu’s powerful tools and features, it’s easy to create digital brochures that are visually appealing, navigable, and contain useful information.

With our guidance, you can create a professional and engaging digital brochure that will help you reach your target audience, promote your brand, and generate leads and sales.

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