50 Indian Diabetes Breakfasts

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50 Indian Diabetes Breakfasts

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 ½ cup of chana dal soaked for about 5 hours

 ½ cup methi leaves

 ½ cup grated carrot

 ½ cup spinach

 4-5 curry leaves

 1 tablespoon green chilies

 1 tsp oil

 ½ teaspoon peanut oil


1. Blend the chana dal in a �ne paste using ¼ cup of water.

2. Add all the ingredients and basic spices with salt to taste and mix them well and

make a consistent batter.

3. Heat a tawa grease it with ¼ tsp of oil and spread some batter and make a


4. Cook it on low �ame till it turns into golden brown color from both surfaces.

5. Repeat all the steps to make chana dal pancakes with the rest of the batter.

6. Serve it instantly with green chutney.


1. This dish is good for people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease because it

contains potassium and thus lowers blood pressure.

2. It contains a great amount of iron and insoluble �ber.

3. It helps in weight management

4. It produces antioxidants that will heal the mouth ulcers, which are common in


Chana dal is a healthy pulse for people with diabetes because it has a low

value of the glycemic index, which results only in a slow rise in blood glucose



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