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  • Responsywny viewer HTML5
  • Dodawanie filmów, zdjęć i linków
  • Animowane hotspoty
  • Statystyki
  • Konfigurowalne menu
  • Branding


299 zł / miesiąc

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  • Funkcje planu Optimum 
  • Personalizowana strona www
  • Statystyki strony www
  • Łatwa integracja


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  • Funkcje planu Professional 
  • Personalizowane aplikacje mobilne
  • Powiadomienia Push
  • Integracja z Firebase

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Basic Optimum Professional Premium
Maksymalna ilość flipbooków
(przechowywane w jednym czasie)
You can convert as many flipbooks as you want, but the number of digital flipbooks you can keep in the cloud is limited and depends on the plan you choose.
10 50 120 500
Maksymalny rozmiar pliku PDF
The maximum size of a PDF file you can upload to Publuu
150 pages / 150 MB 500 pages / 250 MB 1000 pages / 500 MB 2000 pages / 1 GB
Responsywny viewer HTML5
HTML5 viewer allows to display your flipbook in high resolution on every device.
Wszystkie urządzenia
Your flipbooks can be viewed in high-quality on all devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or desktops.
Brak reklam
Your flipbooks are ads-free – nothing will disturb your viewers when looking at them.
Integracja ze stroną internetową (kod embed)
A unique embed code that allows you to add your flipbook to any website as if it was an integral part of it.
Media społecznościowe
Publish a direct link to your flipbook on all your social media accounts. It will get automatically converted into a beautiful 3D cover design.
Bezpośrednie linki
A unique link to your flipbook that you can share online.
Linki do konkretnych stron
If you want to draw your clients’ attention to a particular page of your flipbook, you can send them a direct link to this page.
You can share your flipbook as a direct link via an email, with no additional attachments.
Własna domena
Create a domain for your flipbooks with its own branding and no Publuu’s logo.
Set the name for your flipbook. It will show before the flipbook gets loaded, and later in the top left corner of your flipbook viewer.
Describe your flipbook’s content in a few words. It will be displayed when you post it on social media.
Zmiana tła
Personalize your flipbook’s background using the available themes and your own images, or choose a color from a palette that suits your brand.
Konfigurowalne menu' control
Choose which features will be shown to your audience and which will stay hidden.
Twoje logo
Upload your logo – it will be displayed each time someone opens your flipbook and in the right top corner of your flipbook viewer.
Dźwięk przewracanej strony
Every flipbook you create will have a page-flipping sound effect that resembles turning the pages of a real publication.
Formularze kontaktowe
Build and embed a lead contact form into any page of your flipbook and start collecting contact details of your potential clients.
Pobieranie PDF
Enable or disable downloading your PDF file.
Add the print icon to allow printing your flipbook from the viewer.
Show the sidebar with thumbnails and make it easy to navigate around the pages of your flipbook.
Pełny ekran
Allow your recipients to display your flipbook in a full-screen mode.
Suwak strony
Use the page slider to make your pages move smoothly from one to another.
Enable or disable an option of zooming your flipbook.
Add the audio button to allow your readers to mute your flipbook.
Let your readers share your flipbook.
Pojedyncza strona
Decide whether to display your flipbook as a single or double-sided document that resembles a real publication.
Grubość flipbooka
Show or hide your flipbook thickness.
Cienie strony
Show or hide the page shadows.
Google Index
Decide whether to show or hide your content to Google and other search engines.
Use a variety of background templates available in the menu and choose the one that matches your brand.
Personalizowane i animowane hotspoty
A hotspot is a small animated icon with a color customization option. When clicked, it opens a video file or a photo gallery, or transfers your readers to a website.
Dodawanie video
Add animated hotspot with a YouTube or Vimeo video that will open when clicked on it.
Dodawanie galerii zdjęć
Add animated hotspot with photos or a photo gallery in high resolution.
Dodawanie zewnętrznych i wewnętrznych linków
Add active links to your flipbook in order to transfer your recipients to another place on the web. The links you place can be either internal (transferring to a page within your flipbook) or external.
Dodawanie plików audio
Add audio file hotspot and make your recipients listen to it while browsing a flipbook.
Video Embedding
Add a video player hotspot anywhere on your flipbook.
Photos Embedding
Photos or a photo gallery can be embedded and easily displayed anywhere in your flipbook.
Gifs Embedding
Insert a GIF on a page of your flipbook to enhance your content.
Włącz/Wyłącz możliwość pobrania PDF
Select Enable/ Disable option to allow or block downloading of your original PDF file.
Zabezpieczenie Flipbooka hasłem
Set the password and protect your sensitive content, so that only selected readers can open your flipbook.
Ilość śledzonych linków
Monitor your flipbook’s real-time performance and your readers’ reactions with a tracking link, individual for each client. See how many times each page of your flipbook is viewed or check the average time your audience spends reading it.
30 120 500
Łączna liczba wyświetleń
Check how many times your flipbook was viewed.
Liczba wyświetleń poszczególnych stron
Analyze the number of views of a particular page.
Średni czas spędzony na poszczególnych stronach
Monitor the average time the viewers spend on a particular page of your flipbook.
Statystyki interakcji
Monitor the way your audience interacts with your flipbook – check the number of hotspot clicks or lead forms performance.
Możliwość integracji z Google Analitics
Your flipbook can be integrated with the Google Analytics tool that allows you to track user behavior and provides insights into what users are searching for on your site.
Personalizowana strona www (Web Kiosk)
Create and customize your own, branded website, where you can easily publish all your flipbooks online.
Personalizowana aplikacja mobilna iOS
Create and customize your own branded mobile application containing your flipbooks. Publish it on the App Store with just a few clicks.
Personalizowana aplikacja mobilna Android
Create and customize your own branded mobile application containing your flipbooks. Publish it on Google Play with just a few clicks.
Powiadomienia Push
Send any amount of push notifications to your readers’ mobile devices at any time. They will receive them on their smartphones and tablets as pop-up window even if your app is closed.
Flipbooki - dostęp offline
View your flipbook in high-quality anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection. Once downloaded, all available flipbooks inside your app can be viewed offline.
  • Co to jest PUBLUU ?

    Publuu to serwis służący do zarządzania oraz konwersji plików pdf w interaktywne, łatwo dostępne publikacje online - flipbooki, wraz z możliwością ich stałego monitoringu. Z Publuu stworzysz także własną, personalizowaną stronę www (Web Kiosk) oraz aplikację mobilną (App Kiosk) służącą do publikacji swoich flipbooków.

  • Can I try PUBLUU for free?

  • Czy mogę zamieścić flipbooka na mojej stronie internetowej??

    Tak, oczywiście. Możesz z łatwością zamieścić dowolnego flipbooka na stronie internetowej za pomocą specjalnego kodu embed, który jest automatycznie generowany dla każdego z Twoich flipbooków.

  • Ile to kosztuje ?

    To zależy od planu który wybierzesz. Możesz sprawdzić wszystkie dostępne plany TUTAJ