Annual Report 2022

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Local Reach, Global Impact

ICRISAT Annual Report 2021

Republic of South Sudan





Research Highlights

Twenty two new cultivars of sorghum (13), pearl millet

(3), chickpea (5), and groundnut (1) released in South

Sudan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and India using ICRISAT


About 38,300 seed samples distributed to researchers

globally and 50,000 accessions safety duplicated at IITA,

World Vegetable Center, and USDA-ARS genebanks

Transforming Irrigation systems in Southern Africa (TISA)

project, led by ICRISAT and partners, wins the 2022 EFMD

Excellence in Practice Gold Award

ICRISAT recognized as a knowledge partner by the

National Rainfed Area Authority for developing National

Technical Standards for integrating Land Resource

Inventory and hydrology for new generation watershed

management programs

ICRISAT signs a five-year cooperative agreement with

USAID for implementing the second phase of SERVIR

West Africa

ICRISAT partners with World Food Program and Institute

of Rural Economy in Mali to test and validate new recipes

on millets and legumes and popularizes them through

community awareness and capacity building programs

A secondary processing unit and a millet processing unit

set up in Andhra Pradesh and in Odisha, India, respectively,

for the benefit of farmers

Launch of MRIDA, a gaming app for farmers that

facilitates behavioral change for adopting climate-smart

agriculture practices, developed in collaboration with

Vasudhaika Software Private Limited (Kalgudi)

Eighty participatory validation trials held in the State

of Telangana, India, under the ‘Groundnut Value Chain

Innovations to Enhance Farmer Profitability and Promote

Oil, Food and Confectionery Industries in Telangana’


Over 100 participatory validation plots in Senegal feature

early-maturing pearl millet, groundnut, and cowpea

varieties that are high-yielding and pest-resistant with high

biomass under the AICCRA project, funded by the World

Bank and led by ILRI in collaboration with ICRISAT and



Eastern and Southern Africa

West and Central Africa


Varieties released using

ICRISAT-supplied germplasm

and breeding material in 2022


Pearl Millet




New varieties released in 2022

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