Annual Report 2022

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ICRISAT Annual Report 2022

In 2022, ICRISAT consolidated its position as a

globally diverse organization, with a workforce of

over 2100 members from 26 different nations,

actively working across 14 countries. As part of its

commitment to providing a supportive and engaging

workplace environment, the Institute conducted

an independent staff survey to gauge employee

satisfaction and engagement levels across all

locations in Asia and Africa.

The survey results were overwhelmingly positive,

with employees expressing a strong belief in the

mission of ICRISAT and a high level of engagement

in their work. The Institute’s ongoing efforts to foster

a culture of diversity and inclusion have also been

well-received by staff members, who report feeling

supported and fulfilled in their roles.

As we continue to pursue our mission of improving

the livelihoods of smallholder farmers across

the drylands, ICRISAT remains committed to

maintaining a highly engaged and motivated

workforce. We will continue to prioritize the creation

of a positive and inclusive work environment, with

a strong focus on gender equality and where every

member of our team feels valued and supported.










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