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The event featured a student debate on the topic, ‘The only agenda for India right now is Viksit Bharat 2047.’

Teams led by Stavan Mehta and Gourab Saha (Team A – For the Motion) and Urvashi Balasubramaniam and

Rishav Mitra (Team B – Against the Motion) debated whether this vision could be achieved inclusively and

equitably. The three-round debate delved into discussions around the ideal model of development. Team A

began by outlining the current vision of creating an inclusive and sustainable economy, emphasising different

facets of development such as economic prosperity, social advancement, and environmental sustainability as

key to India becoming a 30 Trillion US Dollar economy. Team B countered, arguing that the Eurocentric

development model has been misunderstood and highlighting contradictions in the development roadmap.

They pointed out that environmental sustainability coexists with excessive urbanisation, and industrialisation

increases general wealth without addressing wealth inequality.

As the debate progressed, the participants delved deeper into the nuances of India's development. Each team

presented persuasive arguments and counterarguments, creating an atmosphere of intellectual vigour. The

thought-provoking exchange set the stage for a stimulating conclusion. Kritika Padode Bhandari, a

distinguished alumna of NLU Delhi was the judge for the debate. Team A was declared the winner for their

clear and concise statements, supported by strong factual evidence.

Speaking at the event, Pramath Raj Sinha, Co-founder and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Ashoka

University, stated, “At Ashoka, we firmly believe in nurturing an environment for meaningful dialogue that

can help shape India’s growth story for the coming decades and beyond. It was our privilege to welcome Shri

Amitabh Kant to the campus to participate in today’s deliberations and engage with students on issues of

national importance. His reputation as a ‘doer’ and his experience of implementing some of the largest

reforms in the country serve as an inspiration for the next generation of leaders.”

The Orator's Club has outdone itself by hosting the phenomenal NIJ Debate. Such events not only provide a

platform for insightful discussions but also play a crucial role in shaping the narrative for India's development

trajectory in the coming decades. Inspiring addresses by esteemed professionals like Amitabh Kant further

encourage youth to reflect deeply on socio-economic issues.

(With inputs from Ahana Walanju, a political science major from the batch of 2025 at Ashoka University)

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