Ashoka Reflections_FEBRUARY 2024

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With the support of Professors Gautam Menon and L.S. Shashidhara, I launched LiveGreen@Ashoka under

the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability as a student-focused initiative aimed at improving

sustainability on campus. The initiative's mission was to create a strong connection within the Ashoka

community and inspire everyone to adopt sustainable choices on campus. It envisioned a campus where

every action contributed to a greener and more sustainable future, nurturing sustainability from within. It all

began with analysing activities related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainability, speaking

to student societies and clubs identifying interest areas, challenges and redundancy in projects across

different student societies. Recognising the gaps, I emphasised the importance of students taking charge and

collaborating with staff, societies, and clubs on various sustainability and SDG projects. Our commitment to

inclusivity supports bottom-up initiatives and cross-departmental collaboration, promoting sustainability

practices, raising awareness, and encouraging meaningful behavioural changes within the Ashoka community.

The three-pronged approach of LiveGreen@Ashoka integrates green technology interventions, behavioural

changes, and operational interventions, making sustainability a tangible and integral part of campus life. The

initiative empowers the Ashoka community to adopt green technologies, implement behavioural changes, and

actively participate in operational interventions that promote sustainability.

Beyond being a mere vision, LiveGreen@Ashoka is a dynamic movement that leads by example. Initiatives

such as the Green Agneepath Plastic Collection Drive, conducted in collaboration with Blue Nudge, Blue

Planet's initiative, and the Environment Ministry, address the pervasive issue of plastic waste generated

during events like sports fests. Student volunteers play a pivotal role in transforming events into collective

responsibility campaigns by collecting, segregating, and upcycling plastic waste into benches for students.

As part of LiveGreen@Ashoka, students can speak up and implement their ideas on campus. Throughout the

past year, the program has collaborated actively with societies and passionate individuals on various projects.

An example of such a project is the proposal of a vendor to recycle menstrual waste-Padcare, to handle

menstrual waste at Ashoka, by our student Aishwarya Sunnad. As a result, Padcare facilities have been

established throughout campus thanks to the collaborative support of the university administration and

operations team. Another impactful initiative, the E-Waste Campaign, in collaboration with Tarang

(Environment Ministry) and Attero, showcases the university's commitment to the responsible disposal of

electronic waste. Besides contributing to a greener mining sector, the campaign aligns with global efforts to

reduce import dependency and create sustainable supply chains through expert presentations.

LiveGreen@Ashoka collaborates extensively with the AU SDG Club on projects such as LiveGreen@Ashoka

Idea Box, Thrift Your Bags, and the Do You Know This About Ashoka series.

These initiatives engage students and staff in creating awareness about existing sustainability features,

sharing ideas for enhancing sustainability efforts and repurposing resources—a testament to the collective

commitment to responsible practices.

A recent initiative with the AU SDG Club involves transforming Ashoka's paper waste into a student-led and

run recycled stationery brand. This ambitious project minimises paper waste and reinvests proceeds into

other sustainability-related initiatives, establishing a circular economy model within the campus. The project

kickstarted with students painting waste cardboard boxes, later distributed in offices and resident halls across

campus. The Digital Carbon Footprint Series, another brainchild of LiveGreen@Ashoka, addresses the often-

overlooked aspect of carbon emissions in the age of rapid digital expansion. In collaboration with the

Environment Ministry, the series sheds light on the environmental consequences of daily digital activities,

empowering the community to make conscious choices and take sustainable actions in the digital realm.

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