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Harmonizing Dentistry and Commerce: Dr. Yihua Huang's Inspiring Journey

Dr. Yihua Huang

In the intricate dance between dentistry and commerce, Dr. Yihua Huang emerges as a central figure, blending innovation with

enterprise to redefine the landscape of oral health. As the mastermind behind EXE International Co., Ltd. and EXE Yian Dental

Clinic, she exemplifies the fusion of professional expertise with entrepreneurial spirit, offering a compelling narrative of

inspiration for aspiring visionaries.

Dr. Huang's journey commenced at Chung Shan Medical University in Taiwan, where her passion for dentistry first blossomed.

However, it was her tenure at New York University College of Dentistry, specializing in orthodontics, that propelled her towards

groundbreaking endeavors. Returning to Taiwan in 2006, she laid the foundation for EXE Yian Dental Clinic, igniting a trajectory

that would culminate in the establishment of the expansive EXE International Co., Ltd.

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