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March 2024


Volume VIII • Issue 8 • Monthly • New Delhi

(92 pages including 4 for cover)

RNI No. DELENG/2016/68892

Predictive Profiling:

Predictive Profiling:

Predictive Profiling:

New Paradigm in

Security Management

Deepfakes: A Threat Hiding

in Plain Sight

Technology Trends of

Visual AI in Oil & Gas

Unlocking Potential for MSPs:

A Unified Suite for Diverse Service Needs

Onsite Protection: Balancing

Visibility & Discretion

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Volume VIII • Issue 8 • March 2024

(92 pages including 4 for cover)


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Dear Readers,

Greetings from SecurityLinkIndia!

This month has been bursting with security activities around, including OSPAs, CAPSI, PHDCCI, FICCI and

many more.

The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) was a bona fide celebration where the veterans

of security industry were truly recognized, honoured and rewarded. The day witnessed series of knowledge

sessions which disseminated powerful insights on various topics of security, safety, risk management and so

on. The OSPAs is a convened by the UK based World Excellence Awards Ltd in multiple countries every year, and

they are planning of a global OSPAs in 2025 wherefor all the winners of different countries/ regions, including

those of India will automatically be nominated. This makes OSPAs further outstanding.

The OSPAs are different from all other security awards – they are global, and they are based on strong ethical

principles which are the same in every country (e.g., judges mark to an ethics policy, they declare any conflict of

interest on every mark sheet) and the categories are the same too. They are already operating in 36 countries

and expanding. In every country they invite all the leading local security associations to take part and support.

The Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) recently held a roundtable conference on

‘Evolving National Citizen Security Culture’ and thereby they brought together the key stakeholders of security

and fire-safety fraternity at one platform to discuss, explore and deliver the notion on ground. The Ministry of

Home Affairs (MHA) has accepted the campaign in principle an extended its support to it. It marks a significant

move towards fortifying India’s societal fabric in terms of the sense of security and safety, and ensuring the

safety to citizens.

The purpose ofpropagating the movement is to ensure complete national security and therefore to create

security in the national consciousness of the public. This also requires coordination, including methods,

procedures, public disclosure, and cooperation between government agencies, universities, and public

organizations. The importance of developing a national security culture in India cannot be underestimated. It

is the basis for protecting citizens, supporting communities, preventing security threats, combating terrorism,

promoting social relations, promoting economic growth, and supporting cooperation at home and abroad.

Further, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) systematized a Conference on

Industrial Safety and Disaster Risk Reduction and brought together the prime stakeholders of the industry to

discuss, explore and insight the subject. The event also witnessed the release of FICCI – SS Rana & Co. Report

‘Women Safety at Workplace – 2nd Edition.’

Till we meet next month, stay safe & happy reading!

Statement about ownership and other particulars about SecurityLinkIndia


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Printer’s Name: Santosh Pathak

Nationality: Indian

Address: H-187/5, First Floor, Jeevan Nagar Market, Kilokari, Near Maharani Bagh,

New Delhi-110014


Publisher’s Name: Santosh Pathak

Nationality: Indian

Address: H-187/5, First Floor, Jeevan Nagar Market, Kilokari, Near Maharani Bagh,

New Delhi-110014


Editor’s Name: Santosh Pathak

Nationality: Indian

Address: H-187/5, First Floor, Jeevan Nagar Market, Kilokari, Near Maharani Bagh,

New Delhi-110014


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Date: 01 March, 2024

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Predictive Profiling: New Paradigm

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Deepfakes: A Threat Hiding

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Onsite Protection: Balancing

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