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Make and publish your digital magazines online with Publuu – professional and low-cost, all-in-one publishing platform. Customize your digital magazines and enrich them with videos, photos and more. Attract new readers with life-like e-publications and keep them engaged!

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Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device

Publuu – easy to use online magazine maker

Use Publuu to create and publish professional digital magazines online. Convert your PDFs to flipbooks magazines and customize your online publications. Use our App Kiosk and Web Kiosk to easily publish your magazines and share them with readers online. Your e-publications will be accessible on all devices, ready to be read any time.

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With Publuu you can easily customize your digital magazines online to make them memorable and unique. Brand your online magazines with your logo which will appear in the top menu and just before your e-publication gets opened on any device.

Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device
Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device

Text vector quality

Surprise your readers with professional online magazines that look and feel like printed ones! Pages of digital flipbook publications created with Publuu rustle when you flip through them and show characteristic shadows, making them look very realistic.


With Publuu, you can easily share your digital flipbook magazines online in many ways: by email, on social media or on your website. Direct your readers to a particular page of your digital magazine by sending a link to it. Unlike PDFs, flipbook magazines always look great on social media – they appear in a form of a 3D booklet!

Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device
Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device


Improve your online magazines by getting to know what your readers like. Use our online PDF tracking system to check how much time they spent on each page of your digital magazine and which one kept them for longest. Get notified when your interactive PDF magazines get opened or if they don’t get opened by a certain date.

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World of online magazines

Publuu’s trackable HTML5 flipbooks magazines are being used by more and more clients around the world. So many stunning magazines were created using our magazine maker!

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Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device - Examples

How to create and publish an online magazine

With Publuu, an interactive magazine maker, creating and publishing a stunning online flipbook magazine is easy and takes just a few minutes! Follow our guide to see how to make a digital magazine from a PDF online!

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Log into your Publuu account or register for free, using a long, unique password. Convert your PDF magazine to an online flipbook – an interactive version of a static PDF file, which is easy to customize, publish, share and track. Creating your digital magazine with realistic page-flip effect online will just take a few minutes.

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Once your PDF is converted, customize your digital magazine online by naming it, selecting its background and colors. Add your logo to make your online magazine in line with your branding. Enhance your digital publication with interactive hotspots such as videos, photos and audio files to make your online flipbook magazine engaging and attract new readers.

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Share your customized digital magazine with your clients online, no matter where they are: send it via email, publish it on your website, post on social media. Publish it online using Publuu’s publishing solutions: Web Kiosk or App Kiosk. Our digital flipbook magazines are mobile friendly and look stunning on every device!

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Embed your digital PDF magazines into your website to make them look like an interactive part of it. The online magazine’s embedding process is easy and does not require any coding skills! Just copy the embed code, paste it on your website and your digital flipbook magazine will be immediately available to all your readers online, no matter which device they use.

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Convert your PDF magazine to HTML5 flipbook and start working on your beautiful e-magazine right now!

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Online Magazines benefits

Creating a trendy digital magazine online from a PDF will get you more readers and improve your visibility. Check out all the smart features Publuu gives you and make your first digital flipbook magazine online today!

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Create a professional
online magazine

With Publuu, you can convert a plain PDF to a stunning online magazine with page-flip effect. No matter whether you are publishing travel magazines, fashion&beauty magazines or finance publications, Publuu’s online platform will make them all look professional and inviting!

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Make it unique
and engaging

Attract new readers and invite them to come back to you by making your online magazine unique and engaging. Brand it to make your publication memorable. Add interactive hotspots online, make them clickable and fun. Enrich your digital magazine with amazing photos so that your readers get a full interactive experience when they access it online.

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Make your brand

Digital magazines will help you making your brand stronger. Add your logo and stunning pictures to create a professional digital PDF magazine online that reflects your company’s style and publicizes your offer! No matter if you are an experienced magazine maker or a beginner in the publishing world, make your digital magazines truly interactive and win new readers!

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Reach your readers everywhere, on every device

With Publuu’s digital magazines, reaching your readers online couldn’t be easier. Send your digital magazines by email, embed them on your website or post on social media. Give your clients immediate access to your high-quality PDF magazines online on every digital channel and every device they use.

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Publish your digital magazines on one platform

Publuu’s Web Kiosk and App Kiosk online solutions allow you to keep all your digital magazines clearly arranged in one central location. Give your readers a good overview of what you offer and simplify their searching process. Our Web and App Kiosks automatically adapt to all desktops, tablets and smartphones and make publishing a piece of cake!

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Update your digital magazine at any time

Just noticed a bug? An author sent you a better picture? For a digital PDF magazines it’s not a problem at all. Overwrite a new PDF file on the existing one online, without the need of sending links to your digital magazine again!

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Turn your digital magazines into a powerful sales tool

Use easy-to-distribute digital magazines to show your publications in a new, sleek way! Improve your readers' online experience by adding high quality photos and interactive digital hotspots they will love.

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Get to know your readers’ preferences

Understanding your audience is key if you want your online magazine to succeed. Use online PDF tracking system to check your readers’ interaction with your digital magazines in real time. See how many times they opened your e-magazine, which pages they viewed and which hotspots they found most engaging. Follow their reactions and make your online magazines truly powerful.

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Track your online magazines’ performance

Be notified every time your online magazine gets opened or receive a reminder if it doesn’t get opened by a certain date. Follow up your digital flipbook magazines to make your online publications more successful!


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