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To put it simple, an Online flipbook is an interactive PDF available online. It’s also known as html5 flipbooks, PDF flipbook or page flip pdf.
It’s exactly what you need if you want your PDFs to be reliable, look great and stay in memory of your recipients for a long time!

Digital Flipbook Online


When using an online flipbook it feels like if you are viewing a printed document, catalog or a book. Its pages rustle when you flip through them and have characteristic shadows and reflections. What distinguishes an online flipbook from a physical document is the possibility of adding interactive elements to it. With Publuu, you can enhance your fliphtml5 e-book, e-magazine or e-catalog with photo galleries, videos, links or audio files, added as animated hotspots. Your personalized online flipbook will combine the world of print and cutting-edge technology, giving your audience a unique product they will keep coming back to on a regular basis.

The thing that makes online flipbooks great is that you can easily modify their look, adjusting it to the content you publish there. It’s you who decides about the color of the background and the look of its menu. To make your flipbook even more personalized, you can add your logotype, so that your clients will be reminded of your brand every time they look at your file.

Once your online flipbook is ready, you need to share it. We have great news for you: sharing an online flipbook couldn’t be easier! You can do it in many ways: embed it on your website so that it becomes an interactive part of it, email it as a link or share it on social media. Your flipbooks will always keep their original look and will smoothly adapt to all devices. They will always display in the right way. They don’t require any additional plug-ins or complicated installations; you don’t need to download anything to use them. Just click the link and you can view all their content online!

Website embed example

Catalog Embed into the website

Worried that you don’t know if your online flipbook will be opened? Fear not! You can easily track your html5 online flipbooks so that you know how many times each of them was opened, how much time your readers spent on viewing it and how it was used. You can also set up email notifications so that you know exactly when your interactive PDF was clicked on.

Tracking documents online PDF

Advantages of pdf flipbooks are countless: they are very innovative, sleek, practical and easy to use. But for you it really means one thing: your online flipbook will make you stand out from the crowd and will make the WOW effect. And that is the most important thing you want today!



Sharing your flipbook

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that more and more often pdf flipbooks are used in place of conventional PDFs. Digital flipbook can become your interactive report, presentation, e-magazine or e-book. Sharing and receiving online flipbooks is really a piece of cake. Have a look at the ways to do it.


You can easily embed your HTML5 flipbook on your website to make it more interactive and fun. You will attract the attention of your audience and provide them with comfortable experience of viewing your interactive PDFs online. Here is an example of an e-catalog embedded on a website:



You can share your HTML5 flipbooks using direct links. It will allow you to quickly send to your recipients even very heavy files, for example in an email. It’s enough to click a link and an online flipbook will immediately appear on the screen. Your readers will never have to download files to their hard drives, and you will be sure that your interactive PDFs are always displayed correctly on each device.


Social media

Share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is where you find your clients and build relationships with them! An HTML5 flipbook is a natural here. You can easily share it and it can be re-shared by your audience, automatically increasing your chances of acquiring new customers for free!


Links to specific pages

HTML5 flipbooks give you an option of sharing links to their specific pages, allowing you to draw your recipients’ attention to the content you want them to look at in the first place. This is a big advantage in comparison to the usual PDF file. After clicking the link, the indicated page will be displayed automatically, with the possibility of viewing the rest of the content.


Pdf in your email footer

You can also add your HTML5 flipbook to your email signature. Your clients will have easy access to it every time they receive a message from you!

Check our guide how to share your flipbook


Ways to use digital flipbooks



Wondering if an interactive HTML5 flipbook is for you? The answer is yes, if you use PDFs! With Publuu, our online flipbook creator, you can easily convert your pdfs to flipbooks and use them to create online presentations, e-catalogues, magazines, e-books and business proposals. The sky is your limit when it comes to using html5 flipbooks !



Do you publish magazines, journals or e-magazines? Prepare them with our online flipbook maker! You will reach a much wider audience and give your readers easy and quick access to your content on any device. The look and quality of online flipbook magazines is very similar to that of printed materials, thanks to the realistic page flip effect. This is why the publishers are increasingly eager to use online flipbooks to attract new readers.


Online catalogs

Do you sell online? E-catalogs in the form of online flipbooks created with Publuu will show your products and services in a professional and attractive way. Add your strongest pictures and videos to them and you will improve the quality of online shopping for all your clients. Thanks to direct links to product pages, your customers will be able to complete their purchases easily and with pleasure!


Brochures and sales materials

Do you promote your business online? Digital brochures and sales materials lay at the very heart of every marketing campaign. Prepare them using Publuu and you will surprise your clients with their stunning look and the smooth way they open. Extensive monitoring options will allow you to track all views and clicks for each of your online flipbook in the real time!


Online presentations and portfolios

Do you need a professional online presentation or a good portfolio? Each of these documents should always look sleek and be immediately available to your clients. Interactive html5 flipbooks are perfect for this purpose. They will satisfy even the most demanding recipients. Additionally, thanks to the email notification function, you will always know when your presentation has been opened.


Training materials for Schools

Do you work in education? Sharing school materials with students is a big challenge for teachers all over the world. Easy to use and distribute online flipbooks, combined with a possibility of adding to them attractive photos, videos, audio files and links to external sources of knowledge, are an ideal solution to this problem. Learning with flipbooks is a fantastic, colorful and interactive adventure!

At Publuu, we come up with the best solutions, so that you can easily create interactive PDFs by converting them to HTML5 flipbooks. Prepared this way, they will become sleek and stunning in no time. Check out why we are trusted by so many clients and create your online flipbook with Publuu today!


Convert your PDF to flipbook today!

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