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How To Share My Flipbooks


Sharing Publuu flipbooks is very easy because of the wide variety of sharing options. You can click on the Blue Share button in the Customize page to copy a link to your flipbook or embed it into your website without any coding knowledge on your part.

Clicking the Share button

What we call the Big Blue Share button is located on the left-hand side of the Customize panel, right next to the green Save button.

Share button

When you click it, you will see a popup window open, containing multiple sharing options. Let’s take a look at them!
sharing options


That’s the simplest option – it just gives you a link you can send via a text message or place in a messenger app. Just click on the “Copy Link” to copy it to your device’s clipboard (pressing Ctrl/Command + C will also work).

Copy the link


You can also copy links straight from the control panel you see when you log on to Publuu – and create tracking links. You can read more about these links in our “Tracking Your Flipbooks” section

Direct links and Tracking links



You can create an e-mail containing a link to your flipbook with a single click. Just press the “Send E-mail” button.

Share via e-mail

It will open your default e-mail app, creating a message with the link included. All you have to do is to add recipients, perhaps describe the book and click “Send”. By default, the title of your flipbook is the header of the e-mail message.

Social media

If you click on the Social bookmark, you will see buttons redirecting you to the “share” page of the three major social media apps – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.If you click them, your post will open in the new window. It’s almost ready – you can add a description in the window or just click “share” to publish it!

Post in on social media



When you click on the Embed button, it will open an embed window with a few embed settings. You can embed your flipbook as an interactive booklet or as a button.We have described this in “How to embed a flipbook into my website” article in more details

Embedding your flipbook

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