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How to create the Online Newsstand?

The Online Newsstand available at Publuu is a branded website that allows you to keep all your online publications in one place. It provides a lot of benefits – one of them is the ability to read your digital publications anytime, on every device. It is a beneficial solution for enterprises that publish their digital magazines, eBooks, product catalogs, and many others on a regular basis.

Publuu’s online newsstand creator is super intuitive and does not require any coding or graphic skills, so even the beginner will handle creating it using our simple guide below.


The Online Newsstand is available for Professional and Premium plan subscribers only. Thus, if you are subscribed to a Basic or Optimum plan, you need to upgrade your plan first to start using the Online Newsstand.

To create an online newsstand for online publications, first log in to your Publuu account.

In the control panel, head over to the top bar where you can find a WEB KIOSK button. Click it to get started!

web kiosk

As soon as you enter the WEB KIOSK creator, you’ll see the following notification on the screen.

creating the online newsstand

If you are keen to start creating your online newsstand, click the YES, GO AHEAD button.

yes, go ahead button

Once clicked, it will show you a layout of an online newsstand. You can now personalize it to make it compatible with your brand using multiple customization options available on the left-hand menu.

customization panel

TIP: Notice that when you hover your mouse over any of the tabs in the left-hand menu, it points the element in your newsstand’s layout that is about to be customized using this tab. You can also move the cursor on any component of the newsstand’s layout, and once it gets backlit, click it and the proper tab with the settings devoted to this element will open instantly.

point to the specific element

Let’s discuss the customization options one by one to make it easy for you to create an online newsstand tailored to your needs!



This tab allows you to change the background of the top bar of your online newsstand.

top bar customization

You can use the color palette to choose the color that suits your brand best and then set the transparency using the slider below.

top bar tab

TIP: Since the top bar is also the place where you put your brand logo, select the color that will highlight your logotype.


Open this tab and add your own logo. It will be located in the middle of the top bar.

logotype tab

To add your logo, click the upload button to open the dialog and drag your logo in JPG or PNG format to the designated area.


Once your logo is uploaded, remember to press the SAVE button below.


NOTE: After every update, you can check how your newsstand looks live by clicking the LIVE PREVIEW button.

live preview button



Now it is time to choose the flipbooks that will be shown as covers on the main page of a newsstand. You can add up to three online flipbooks at once.

covers tab

Just click the UPLOAD button and select PDF files that will be automatically converted into interactive flipbooks and submitted to an online newsstand.

covers upload

Cover 1 will be also presented in magnification on the left.

cover 1

You can replace the uploaded covers anytime – just click the UPLOAD button next to the cover you wish to replace. Choose the YES, REPLACE IT option, and upload another file from your hard drive.

yes replace button



As its name suggests, this tab allows you to change the whole background of the online newsstand.


You may either have a one-colored background, apply your own picture as a background, or use both options simultaneously – the choice is yours.

If you want your background to be one-colored only, firstly select the radio button on the right side of the color palette,

one colored background checked

then pick the color from the palette and set the transparency using a slider below.

background color tab


But if you’d like to add your own image, you have to remove the default picture first. To do so, click the cross button,

remove the default image

and upload your own image. It needs to be in 2:1 format to fit the newsstand best.

upload your own image

Remember to uncheck the color option if you wish to have your picture not covered by the color layer.

uncheck background radio button

To have a background that combines both image and color, just turn on both options using the round buttons on the right side of each and play with a transparency slider to achieve the best final result.

background options



Thanks to this tab, you can personalize the icons below each cover.

covers icons tab

To do so, open the tab and select the color for the icon and its background. You can change the transparency level as well.

covers icon

When you finish, click the SAVE button, otherwise, the changes won’t be retained.


TIP: To keep your online newsstand consistent, you can use the same color for multiple elements. To do so, copy the hex code of one element and paste it into the input right above the color palette of another one. The color picker will move into the given color automatically.

hex code



If you wish to customize the icons located on both sides of the main cover, you are in the right place.

main cover icons

Again, you can select the color from the palette and set the level of transparency.

main cover icons customizing




To change the color of the font that is visible under each cover, go to the TEXT tab,


and move the cursor on the palette until you find the color you like the most.

text color




Publuu allows you to add a banner ad to your online newsstand to boost your revenue. It will be located above the covers of your flipbooks.

banner ad


Add a 1500x250px banner in JPG or PNG format, and anyone who clicks it will be redirected to a place on the web you choose.

upload a banner

You can transfer your clients to your website or an online store – just paste its URL in the field below and click SAVE.

website address input

So as you can see, you are in control of every single element of your online newsstand.

When your newsstand project is complete, it’s time to publish it online. To do so, press the PUBLISH button in the right-hand corner.

publish button

It will launch the pop-up window where you’ll be asked to set the name for your online newsstand.

pop up with a link

After typing the name of your online newsstand, click the SAVE button.

pop up with a link

Now you can copy the link to the newsstand to share it online or publish it on your website using the embed code available after clicking the LINK button.

link icon


It will open the pop-up that shows a link or an embed code and share your online newsstand with your clients!

direct link or code

Your online newsstand is ready, but thanks to Publuu, you can also publish your flipbooks in your own mobile app – visit the below article to learn how to do it:

How To Create My Own Mobile App?

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