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  • urządzeniaResponsive design- all devices
  • kioskYour own kiosks: app and web
  • urządzeniaPayment management
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  • interaktywnościInteractivity



Attract your customers attention!
Enrich your pdf’s with interactive content like photo galleries, videos or active links to your publications. You can add any amount to any page of each publication.


You own design


Our creator lets you customize your web and app kiosks. Select a color, upload your logotype or set any graphic as the background. Adapt the color of the fonts, icons, buttons, and other menu elements.
All this lets you achieve perfect design both in your mobile apps and in the web kiosk itself.


Push notifications


Let your clients know about your latest publications. You can send any number of messages at any time, and they’ll appear directly on your clients’ devices. All you have to do is log in to your account, write a message and send it. It’s as simple as that!!


No limits


An unlimited number of publications in your mobile applications and online web kiosk.
Publish and sell what you want, when you want.

Anything more?

New distribution channels

Your application on App Store, Google Play and www-online here and now.
Your new readers are waiting!

Apple App Store Google Play Google Play www Web Kiosk

More profits from ads

Manage ads in mobile applications and web kiosk. Get potential advertisers interested!

We play FAIR

Thanks to our user-friendly, admin panel you can check the appearance and performance of your new digital publications, web and app kiosks completely FREE


Monitor the traffic in your new distribution channels. Control the whole process with simple and intuitive graphs.

Your brand

Neither your web kiosk nor your mobile applications contain branding. Just your brand - nothing more, nothing less!


There are no programming skills required. The interface of both the admin panel and the kiosks themselves are 100% user-focused so that literally anyone can quickly start using it...
Do you hesitate? They trusted us.
We invite you
to cooperate
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