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LPU Achieves 360° Industry Involvement

Nov 2022

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MAHE Transforms its Classrooms into Hybrid Learning Hubs




Featured Article by

Mr. Dipan Sahu

Asst. Innovation Director,

Ministry of Education’s Innovation

Cell & AICTE, Govt. of India

Transformed Campuses


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We are South Asia’s largest Higher Education Company. With the latest

technology, pedagogy, industry partners and world-class faculty, we create

immersive online learning experiences for our learners on a global scale.

upGrad Campus

After empowering more than 2 million working professionals, upGrad

decided to be the enablers of Higher Education Institutions. The goal

of upGrad Campus, a vertical of upGrad, is to close the gap between

Industry and Academia by aligning institutional curricula with industry

standards and assisting Indian Higher Education Institutions in the digital

transformation of their campuses.


Nov | 2022

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Volume 1, November 2022 Edition.

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Campus Connect

Table of Contents

Featured Article

Innovation: Need of the Hour in Higher Education Institutions


Transformed Campuses

LPU Achieves 360° Industry Involvement in

Collaboration with upGrad Campus


Transformed Campuses

MAHE Transforms its Classrooms into Hybrid Learning Hubs

with upGrad Campus


Digital Marketing

The New Norm of Marketing

Special article by Monjula Jasmine


Education in Emerging Tech: Beyond the Hype

Special article by Kashyap Iyer


Transforming Campuses to Next-Gen Institutions

Our Technology and Content Offerings


New Program Alert: Supply Chain Management

Special article by Param Sharma


Events Attended

World Education Summit and DIDAC India


Quality Education Can Empower Student’s

Vision, Here’s How

Special article by Santhosh Gondhi


Social Media Chatter

upGrad Campus Trending on Social Media


Campus Crossword

Test your Knowledge around the Higher Education Ecosystem


Building Future-Ready Campus Community

Special article by Rahul Raj



Nov | 2022

Featured Article

News and Events

Case Studies

Podcast Launch

Campus Crossword

From the


Dear Institutional Stakeholders,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the first edition of Campus Connect,

a quarterly magazine by upGrad Campus. In the last decade, we have

grown multi-fold as an organization and have come a long way since

our inception in 2013 as Impartus Innovations Pvt. Ltd. to becoming

upGrad Campus in 2021. We are thankful to all the Institutions that

have shown their trust towards us in this journey and are highly

indebted for the same.

We have come up with this Quarterly Magazine to share the insights

that we are gaining in moving ahead in our vision with the hope of

fostering new thinking and provide strategies to transform Higher

Education Institutions across the length and breadth of the country.

For our First Edition, we are giving you a glimpse of the impact that

upGrad Campus has made throughout the country. We Featured

case studies that stand testament to the fact that any campus can

be transformed into next-gen institutions nurturing our country’s

brightest minds with curiosity and innovation.

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions. You can write to me

directly at rahul.raj@upgrad.com

Rahul Raj

Head of University Partnerships

upGrad Campus

Rahul Raj


Akash Tiwari

Managing Editor

Rony Dutta

Production Manager

Prabhu Ravi

Art Director

Nishitha Prakash

Content Head

Graphic Designers

Soundarya G

Madhulika Verma

Naina Mastud

Usha T

Abhishek Samuel

Sales Leaders

Bimal Zamindar

Ankush Johari

Rahul Kucheria

Mansvi Pal

Sovam Talukdar


Nov | 2022

From the

CEO’s Desk

Churchill had said, “Never waste a good crisis,” and the recent pandemic

and the new normal has impacted our lives and the education sector in

multiple ways.

One of the lasting lessons of the pandemic for the sector is that

Technology is not just an advantage, but an enabler of education. The

stopgap measures adopted by Colleges and Universities during the

early days of the pandemic have moved from immediate short-term

measures to long-term investments in teaching and learning tools.

Having said that, we at upGrad realise that in edtech, “ed” comes before

“tech”, and the role of tech is to enable and facilitate education.

Blended Learning and the incorporation of New-Age Skills in the

Curriculum are the most significant leaps shaping the future of Higher

Education in our country. It continues to show prominence in the

post-pandemic world and have moved from being a “nice to have” to

“must have” for the institutions. Any Institution aspiring to lead and

be among the top institutions in India and globally need to adopt both

ICT Infrastructure and Future-Ready Courses as a core strategy. This

investment in Technology as well as industry partnerships will impact

the outcomes of their students, teachers, administration, and society

as a whole.

We are launching our First Edition of Campus Connect, which is our

Quarterly Magazine that has been developed with the intent of putting

our communication for the institutions Pan-India, covering a few case

studies, along with the current issues and news in the Higher Education

space in the Past Quarter.

Amit Mahensaria

Chief Executive Officer

upGrad Campus

Campus Connect


Nov | 2022

We are building a Community of

Next-Gen Campuses across the nation,

and it’s our privilege to partner with

leading educational institutions towards

this vision of nation building.

Innovation: Need of the Hour in

Higher Education Institutions

The world as we know it today is changing rapidly, and

education is no exception to this. To stay relevant in this ever-

changing landscape, Innovation is the golden key. Innovation

in education isn’t a concrete term with fixed definitions; it can

be referred to as the “willingness to look at challenges with

fresh eyes and to address them in unique, creative ways.” It is

an acknowledgment that we do not have all the answers but are

open to new approaches to improve.

Government of India’s Initiatives

to Drive Innovation

The Ministry of Education has taken many policy initiatives to

support educational institutions to achieve the above goals.

National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is a reformative step

in this direction which emphasizes upon achieving quality,

equity and equality in education through innovation and


Other policy initiatives such as National Innovation and Start-up

Policy (NISP) 2019, institutionalization through establishment

of Institution’s Innovation Councils (IICs) in HEIs and

benchmarking initiative through Atal Ranking of Institutions in

Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) are enabling Higher Education

Institutions to build, streamline and strengthen the innovation

and entrepreneurial ecosystem and will be instrumental in

leveraging the potential of student’s creative problem solving

and entrepreneurial mindset, and promoting a strong intra and

inter-institutional partnerships with ecosystem enablers and

different stakeholders at regional, national and international


What are some Avenues for

Innovation in Education?

How can a Higher Education Institutions adapt? Well, the

catalyst of change is innovation. There are always improvements

to be made in teaching and learning. Here are some areas that

one can focus on:

Featured Article

Considering India’s strength as 3rd largest education system

having more than 60,000 Higher Education Institutions with

huge infrastructure in place and produces more than 4 crore

graduates every year to job market, there is need for Indian

Educational Institutions to lead and drive innovation in its very


I wish the team at upGrad

Campus great success

for their first edition

of Campus Connect

magazine. Continue to

innovate, inspire and strive

for excellence in Education.


Nov | 2022

1. Competency-Based Learning

Competence refers to an individual’s ability to practice

the knowledge acquired over time, and today, HEIs should

focus on providing real-world applications of knowledge

and skills along with a theoretical framework. Innovation in

education helps prepare today’s students for the dynamic

workplace of tomorrow by providing them opportunities to

develop skills and competencies.

2. Contemporary Pedagogies

The quality of an educational system depends mostly upon

the quality of its teachers and teaching practices, also

known as pedagogies. Today, there are around 5 “clusters”

of innovative pedagogies:

• Blended learning, where students can attend

to teaching and learning activities from anywhere

and anytime, taking education beyond the classroom


• Gamification, in which content is presented

with gaming elements, fosters better engagement

and knowledge retention. Computational Thinking,

uses Information and Communication Technology as

a platform to help students enhance their problem-

solving and reasoning skills.

• Flipped Classrooms, where students learn

the outline of concepts at home and use classroom

time for deeper learning and understanding through

teacher-led peer-to-peer discussions.

Project-Based Learning, where students are

encouraged to learn by active engagement in real-

world, industry-relevant projects. Together, these

clusters provide a baseline for teachers to innovate

themselves and provide a meaningful learning

experience for students.

3. Open Curriculum

A quality curriculum is never a one-and-done initiative.

Revisiting and updating it regularly allows for relevant

topics of today to take precedence, helping students to

keep up with the speed of changing technology and trends.

The open curriculum aims to make education more active,

flexible, fluid and personalized to students.

4. Shift in Nature of Faculty

Industry professionals tend to have a deeper understanding

of the inner workings of the professional world. Eminently

qualified industry professionals teaching at colleges and

universities can help turn students into competent and job-

ready graduates. Unique partnerships between these two

sectors - Academia and Industry combine the best of both

worlds. This initiative was recently approved by the UGC,

and I am optimistic that it will be a huge success.

Given that the young minds that today’s educational

system shapes will be those that are leading the charge

for innovation tomorrow, innovation in education are the

need of the hour to strengthen our future generations of


Mr. Dipan Sahu

Asst. Innovation Director, Ministry of Education’s

Innovation Cell & AICTE, Govt. of India

Campus Connect


Nov | 2022


Nov | 2022

AICTE is keen on Transforming

Engineering Colleges into Hybrid Learning Centers

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a national-

level apex advisory body, oversees the development and

planning of India’s technical education system. It has recently

devised a plan to convert engineering colleges into hybrid

learning environments across the country. To provide a

personalized and customized educational learning experience

to students, AICTE is keen on taking up this initiative to

create an educational ecosystem that will be lockdown-proof

and can even be accessed from the comforts of their homes.

Aims Of AICTE: Under the AICTE Act, the All India Council

for Technical Education (AICTE) received its legal status in

1987. The AICTE was founded with the following goals in mind,

following the National Policy of Education (1986):

To operate as a statutory authority to develop, create

and maintain norms and standards.

To offer accreditation as a means of quality control

To keep an eye on, assess, and finance the priority areas

in education

To preserve equality in certification and prizes

To oversee and improve India’s technical education

Impact of AICTE’s Move: All thanks to AICTE, soon, students

will be able to receive specialized and tailored education from

the comfort of their homes. All AICTE-approved colleges

across the country are set to gradually transition to hybrid

learning settings, which will be advantageous to more than

70 lakh students. The hybrid model would act as a support

system, allowing the students to master technical complexity

at their own pace.

What is National Digital Education


The Prime Minister introduced the National Digital Education

Architecture (NDEAR) to improve India’s digital educational

infrastructure in February 2021. It is an architectural blueprint

that aims to achieve the goals laid out in the National Education

Policy, 2020, through a unified digital infrastructure in the

education ecosystem.

In 2022, Hybrid

Infrastructure is no

more a choice but a

substantial need for

all Institutions.

News and Events


Nov | 2022

We firmly believe that

“Any campus can be transformed into a Next-Gen Institution

with the right set of collaboration, strategy, and technology”

Campus Connect

Why Transform Colleges into Hybrid Learning


The choice to make colleges hybrid learning environments would

give students a personalized, customizable, and adaptive way to

learn their course contents. In Engineering colleges, the hybrid

model would provide a support system for the faculties to track

their delivery, content, and modules. It will be easy for them

to keep an update on the resources given to the students and

help them develop their delivery acumen for remote students.

Since the pandemic began, several universities have switched to

hybrid mode. Whether online or offline, hybrid technology offers

a stimulating research community and a learning environment.

Can upGrad Campus help in this


upGrad Campus has a mission to bridge the industry-academia

gap in Higher Education Institutions across the country. It aims

to do so by firstly digitally transforming campuses into next-gen

institutions through its technology solutions. It offers a turnkey

Lecture Capture Solution that enables automatic audio-video

recording of classroom lectures. It provides a platform to store,

manage and distribute classroom lectures, transforming any

higher education institute into an advanced hybrid learning hub.

With our Interactive

Blended Classrooms,

educational institutions

will be able to:

Provide live

hybrid classes with

automatically recorded

and distributed lectures

Get a fully supported

platform for conducting

hybrid classes, facilitating

collaborative learning,

and content sharing

Seamless integration

with Moodle, Blackboard,

Canvas, D2L, other

LMS already present

with institutions

High Time for Students to

Upgrade their Digital Skills,

says AICTE Official

Our programs are designed to

help institutions equip their

students to become capable

and trained to enter and

excel in the practical world,







Management Programs:

Technology Programs:

Cloud DevOps

Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Science

Full Stack Development


Data Analytics

Cyber Security

Digital Marketing

Business Analytics

Product Management

Supply Chain Management

Branding and Advertising

Financial Risk Management


Nov | 2022

The newly appointed chairman of the appellate committee of

AICTE, G.S.N. Raju, stated that Higher Education Institutions

should give utmost priority to skill-oriented training programs.

He stated his strong views while speaking about the importance

of training in digital skills, in accordance with the guidelines of

National Education Policy, 2020. He went on to say that if

institutions focused on digital capabilities, they would receive

higher rankings from the National Assessment and Accreditation

Council (NAAC), the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), and

other bodies and would also receive more enrollment.

Why are New-Age Programs Important for


New-age courses such as Data Science, AIML, Blockchain,

Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Full-

Stack Development are essential because Digital India needs

professionals with these skill sets. Companies in India have been

hiring people for traditional roles, but now they face resource

crunches as these roles have dynamically shifted. Candidates

with new age skillsets often get higher salary packages, and

colleges that can help companies fulfill these demands see

higher student enrolment.

How do These Programs help bag great Opportunities?

The rise in demand to create new products and ensure they run

well, coupled with the popularity of such courses, has led to a

dramatic change in hiring strategies. Earlier, companies focused

on hiring professionals for well-defined roles, but now, they are

hiring them for skills such as analytics and data science. This, in

turn, has led to a change in their hiring strategy, where diverse

skills are given more priority over years of experience. The

change in hiring dynamics and skills is because of the new-age

demand that companies face competi ng in a crowded market.

Courses such as data science, digital marketing, cybersecurity,

cloud computing, and full-stack development give students the

necessary skills to perform well.

Why New-age Skills are Mandatory for the Institution

to Embed in its Curriculum?

The job market has seen software engineering as a career

option for ages, but now, a shift is seen in people opting for Data

Analytics or Data Science as their preferred career option. For

a college to stay industry-relevant and a preferred institution

among students who aspire for these jobs, offering courses at

the cutting-edge of innovation is a must.

How can upGrad Campus help?

Our Job Ready Certification Program includes multiple

industry-relevant certifications, live classes by Industry Experts,

Case Studies, and Projects to enhance a student’s expertise in

new-age domains like Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Cloud

Computing, Full Stack Development, etc which make them

employment ready and enhance their future career prospects.

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