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February 12, 2021

PDF embed. The best PDF viewer for your website

You’ve just created a fantastic presentation and want to embed pdf in html on your website? Or maybe you’ve finished working on a new, sleek digital catalog of products you sell and are keen to add it to your e-shop? Nothing could be easier, you think. I’ll add a PDF to my website, and I’m done.

But it turns out it’s not that simple. You can’t embed PDF as you would like to and instead of a spectacular online catalog, magazine or your new e-book you end up with a sad link or a boring PDF icon which in order to download your file. And all your hard work for nothing.


What your clients really want

And now imagine that you can publish your polished e-catalog so that its cover is immediately visible on your website. That there is no need of downloading anything in order to see its content. That it is available to anyone who visits your site, and it displays perfectly, no matter whether it’s viewed on a computer, tablet or a smartphone. That it seems to be so close to you. That your clients can flick through its pages with realistic flip page effect as if it was a printed catalog (and that they hear the rustle of pages and notice that their corners slightly bend as they do it). And that you can personalize it so that it looks like an integral part of your website. Too good to be true? You will be pleased to hear that such a solution is available with Publuu We have ways to help you embed PDFs (iframe pdf) in a website so that they look fantastic and, most importantly, work flawlessly. And that you have full control over the final effect of your work.

Interactive PDFs embedded in your website
How to achieve this? Let’s start from the beginning. The best thing you can do to overcome the imperfections of a PDF and embed it efficiently into your website, is to convert it to HTML5 online flipbook format. An HTML5 online flipbook is nothing more than a kind of interactive PDF. It’s a modern way of publishing presentations, proposals, online catalogs, e-books and online magazines.

How to make HTML5 online flipbook? It’s very easy, if you use Publuu, our online flipbook maker. It’s enough to just register at our website and upload your PDF there. That’s done, Publuu gives you fantastic options for embedding (iframing) interactive PDFs. Whichever option you choose, your HTML5 online flipbook will seamlessly adapt to your site, making it more attractive and sleeker. This, in turn, will make your clients spend more time looking at it and will make them more prone to take advantage of your offer!


Great functions for great files
Thanks to it’s you who decides how your clients will access the documents you create. Our platform gives you full control over how your online flipbooks look like on the website and how they will be displayed on the devices used by your readers.

Do you wish your digital catalog, e-book, magazine or online presentation to be immediately visible so that your clients can freely browse through them, like if they were reading a paper magazine? A piece of cake! Upload your PDF on, choose the background you want it to be placed on, decide on its window size and publish it! This way it will be available directly from your website to anyone who visits it!

Or maybe you are keen to have a smart button that your clients can click to open your e-catalogue in a separate tab or in a pop-up window? This is another great option offered by You can easily customize the appearance and size of the button and publish it on your website.


What’s more, embedding a PDF in html as online flipbook with gives you extra options that will make you never want to use another format again! By embedding your PDFs online in the form of a button, you can decide which part of them will be shown to your clients when they click on it. If you have prepared an amazing e-catalog and want it to always open on the product of your choice, there is nothing easier to do! Just choose the page you want to show first and you’re done.


HTML5 flipbooks: an easy way of embedding an interactive PDF in HTML

In Publuu, everything you do with your files when embedding them, will be visible in the preview on the right side of the screen. Your personalized flipbook will be displayed there in the way it will show on the website, giving you full control over it looks and the way it’s embedded.

And now the best part of it: when you’ve finished your work and the preview of your flipbook looks great, all you have to do is copy the embed code and paste it on your website. And that’s it. It’s really that simple.

Embedding PDFs into websites (pdf iframe) has never been so easy and intuitive. Try
Publuu today and see that publishing a professional presentation or an e-catalog on your website is just a step away from you. Convert your PDF to an online flipbook and make it look sleek, flashy and smart!


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